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Wicked Revisited

A reader, who has become a dear friend, is the executive pastry chef/consultant for the Cravings Group of Companies which includes WICKED among others. CHRISTINE PAREDES went abroad for a short stint for a career change but is now back in her homeland, refreshed & renewed. I was very eager to see her upon her return & give her a warm hug after just writing to each other back & forth for some time while she was away. So when Richard invited me to have lunch at Kettle a couple of weeks ago, I made sure I will get to see Chris that day. I’ve missed her so. <3



I finally got to give Chris a big hug! :)


Stepping inside WICKED is like being right outside the confectionery house of the witch in storybook Hansel & Gretel. You just wanna grab the treats left & right and eat them all. <3 Good thing I had Chris’ permission!

To read my previous post on WICKED, CLICK HERE.







All these treats are whipped up by this dream team whom I have declared my BFFs! ;)

Wicked Shangri-la Plaza Mall

5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shaw Blvd Wack Wack, Mandaluyong (02) 654-0614
photo 4

Chris (L) with the WICKED team: Chef Chris Tejeda (2nd from right), and Chef Ton Albassin (R)


Chris prepared so many wonderful treats for us to try that afternoon..



Always reinventing, Chris let us try some of her latest creations. <3 Dark Tablea Mousse 225 php, Twix Cheesecake 225 php, and Pecan Tart 235 php.


Have you heard about BROOKIES? These are brownies sandwiched between cookies and covered with dark chocolate and walnuts. Plus, it is served with milk on the side. Wickedly sinful, isn’t it? 165 php/pc.


WICKED Chocolate Barks. 170 php/300 grams. Chewy chocolate, marshmallows, and honey grahams. <3 My favorite among the bunch. I couldn’t stop eating this sweet, chewy dark chocolate delight. Also available in milk chocolate & white chocolate version.



Black Pepper Macarons 85 php/pc. Interesting mix of Peppery & Sweet.



White Truffle Macarons. 85 php/pc.



Chris was so sweet to order me a cup of hot tea to wash down all those sinful sweetness!


I will never forget how Chris reached out to me by sending me a long email introducing herself a while back. We have become penpals & fast friends since then.

Thank you so much CHRIS & WICKED for having us. It was truly an afternoon well spent catching up with new & dear friends.


photo 3

I was so happy that Chris made a special visit to Wicked just so we could catch up! <3 Thank you Chris, I know how busy you are. :-*


By the way, please allow RICHIE & I to greet MAE who was supposed to come & meet us but cancelled at the last moment because she had to take her mother to the hospital. Don’t worry Mae there will be many more opportunities for us to meet & bond. :-*


photo 1

Sandara & her K-pop girls were in the mall. K-pop fans were shrieking wildly from the ground floor & I was just “caught in the moment” teehee. Thus this pose! ;))

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