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Who is your (Vice) President?

Because I wanted to show unity & my support to Kap as the leader of our home & family, I decided to vote for his choice, and I also asked the kids to vote accordingly. Voltes 5 kami, one for all and all for one, ika nga. :P


“The Punisher”, known for his zero-tolerance policies against criminals, is a Filipino lawyer and politician of Visayan descent & among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines. He has been mayor of Davao City, a highly urbanized city on Mindanao island, for 7 terms, totalling more than 22 years. He has also served as vice-mayor and congressman in the city. Source: Wikipedia (This photo belongs to RAPPLER.)

Coming from a recent trip South of the Philippines, we were visibly impressed with how the city & the government was run. Malinis, maayos, maunlad, ligtas. A far cry from other local cities we’ve been to. And so, we set our hearts & sights on this one man who promised to save the Philippines from graft, corruption, bad people, and drugs.

But then, these past few weeks, I couldn’t stomach Kap’s our candidate of choice. It seems like he has no control over his mouth & emotions. What’s more, his pride & self esteem is through the roof. A bit scary, if you ask me.

So I voiced my sentiments to Kap, thinking he’d see reason. But being a macho guy, he thinks like a guy – pareho sila ng pagiisip, to my dismay. Walang sentimiento de asukal. What is foul & taboo for us gals is taken merely as joke by some men & considered with a grain of salt. Huwag ko daw seryosohinAba, tumaas ng 5 palapag ang kilay ko! :P Huwag seryosohin? May nanay ka, may asawa ka, may 2 dalagang anak ka. May asong babae ka. Our home is filled with 90% female. Huwag seryosohin? @_@

For me, monkey see monkey do. If the person you choose to lead a country can’t respect women & the elderly -MOTHERS, who are considered the heart & soul of the Philippines, won’t the rest of the nation (where double standard is already predominant) follow suit? Balasubasin nalang tayong mga babae at matatanda, tutal biro?

I can’t accept someone who thinks killing people left & right is ok, a necessity even. I can’t vote for someone who thinks rape is ok. I can’t respect someone who thinks the elderly & disabled should cower in a corner & die just because they aren’t productive citizens anymore and past their prime.

So who am I voting for in the run for Presidency? To be honest, after my first & only choice, everyone else dulled in comparison. Mabigat talaga sa dibdib to even contemplate on who I should give my vote to apart from the Mayor from the South. At the moment, I’m at a loss. Wala akong itulak-kabigin sa mga natitira. Along with my disappointment in my original choice, my hope for a better country went down the drain.



But I do have a saving grace, a shoo-in for who I want as my Vice President..


Leni Robredo may just be the dark horse who can save the Philippines, in my personal opinion.


These photos belong to Leni Robredo.

Leni Robredo, Facts:

1.) The public came to know of Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona Robredo, a human rights lawyer, with the loss of her husband in 2012 via a plane crash, former Naga Mayor and Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo.

2.) Leni Robredo is not your ordinary housewife with no knowledge of the law. She graduated from the University of the Philippines School of Economics in 1986, before she completed her degree in Law from the University of Nueva Caceres in 1992.

3.) A devoted & hands on mother of 3 apart from being a loving wife, Leni Robredo was working for SALIGAN full time, offering her legal services and expertise to the poor especially in far-flung communities in the provinces.

4.) Leni Robredo became the representative of the Third District of Camarines Sur in 2013.

5.) Some of the bills she filed in the House of Representatives are: National Food Security Bill of 2015, Anti-discrimination Bill of 2013, People’s Participation in Budget Deliberation Bill, People Empowerment Bill of 2014, Full Disclosure Bill and the Freedom of Information Bill.

6.) Leni Robredo also serves as Senior Vice Chair of the Committee on Revision of Laws and Vice Chair of the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability.

7.) She is an active member of the Appropriations, Human Rights, Local Government, People’s Participation, Public Information, Rural Development, Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, Welfare of Children, Women and Gender Equality, Bicol Recovery and Economic Development, and Land Use committees.

8.) Leni Robredo‘s platform: Zero hunger, Shared prosperity, Gender equality, Anti-political dynasty (YES!), Transparency & accountability, People participation, and Citizen empowerment.

Source: https://lenirobredo.com/about-leni/


Mar Roxas was never my choice for President, he didn’t cross my mind once to be brutally frank as I don’t think he has what it takes. But because Leni Robredo asked. Because Leni Robredo feels that her maximum potential can be reached only if she works hand in hand with her Presidential choice, then maybe I can condition my heart to vote for Mar Roxas. Not because he’s my preferred candidate, but because Leni Robredo believes in him. And I believe in Leni Robredo.

I hope that on Monday, we will vote using our hearts. We all want peace, we all want order, we all want justice, we all want change. But we have to remember, if we truly want peace & order, then peace & order should come from each of us. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.



Peace & Order is actually easy to achieve. If only we’d follow the golden rule, don’t you agree? This photo belongs to http://reignshalom.com

Then again, life has a funny way of putting things in order. Who knows, my original choices for the 2 highest positions in the Philippine government may BOTH win. And who better to “whip his ass” so to speak & keep him in line than the tsinelas lady. #PaloSaPwet

Remember, behind a successful man is a woman. And Leni Robredo may just be that woman who can make or break the Digong. ;) How cute will it be though, this DuRo tandem? ;P Ang pambansang tatay at nanay. He can be the tough disciplinarian & she can be the one with the heart & compassion of a mother. He can mouth it off & she can come in with her charm to right the wrong. Perfect combination if you ask me.


To be fair, sharing with you a post I came across on Facebook:

by: Cheryl Pages-Alba

“I have taught you good manners. It is very important to be respectful and polite. You’ve seen Mommy talk to people properly and fairly no matter who they are. I must say, though, that not all people grow up with the privilege of proper parental training, and some people grow up without any parents at all, which leaves them with hardly any good role models to follow. Now, this will be one of the most important things Mommy will want you to remember: people who say bad words do not make them bad people right away, and people who are trained with good speaking manners do not make them good people right away, because we always look at the heart first. More importantly, we cannot look down on people based on their upbringing and manners.

Do you remember when we watched Beauty and the Beast? Gaston was famous and loved by the villagers because he was handsome and said what everybody wanted to hear, while on the other hand Beast was scary, mean, and roared to the point that it frightened everyone away – just like Quasimodo. But we got to know Gaston’s evil ways as the story unfolded, didn’t we?

There are people who look good and speak well. There are also people who look mean and say ugly things. What Mommy wants you to know is that we should go beyond looking at things only from the outside. Do not think a person is this-or-that based on their appearance or their words. Try to listen deeper and understand their heart. As you grow older you will learn to differentiate the real and sincere people from the ones who make promises and don’t care to keep them.

You will have people in the real world who will try and trick you just like the wolf in The Little Red Riding Hood when all he wanted was to kill and eat the innocent girl. There are also those – just like the evil queen – who will disguise themselves to look pure and innocent. And then you will have some people who will take advantage of your kindness just like the wicked witch who gave Snow White that bitter poisonous apple. In the real world, we have to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There are people like the wicked stepmother, her daughters, Ursula and the eels, where you could already tell from their actions that they had ulterior motives and questionable intentions from the start. We avoid those people at all cost.

Don’t be fooled as well by some people in the inner circle of powerful organizations: remember that Jafar was the most trusted adviser to Princess Jasmine‘s father, yet all he wanted to do was take the power from him. Scar was King Mufasa‘s brother! But he killed him so he could rule the jungle. People will go to great lengths with the meanest of ways to bring others down so they can rise to the seat of the most powerful and possess the land. 

I know I painted a frightening world for you with all the stories I wanted you to remember. But don’t forget that in the end, it is always the good ones that win and prevail! For every bad person out there, believe that there are hundreds more who will fight for a greater, more noble and real cause! Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, and Aurora were up against the strongest of enemies. Truth be told, they had no power against all the villains who had magic spells, dragons and vengeful sidekicks to aid them. What everyone underestimated though was that truth, love, kindness, and goodness are all forces in themselves far greater than any other power one could ever imagine.

It’s okay to be confused for now. As you grow older, you will realize that “You will listen less to what people say and you will look more upon what they do. Actions will prove why WORDS mean nothing sometimes”.

It was never about the happily-ever-after, or about meeting Prince Charming. It is with great hope that I ask all the grown-ups to rewind and go deeper into every Disney story you can remember. The substantial and underlying message that subconsciously shaped our childhood is that we must learn to characterize people by their actions so as to never be fooled by mere words.



This image belongs to sugarleafph.com

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