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Quick round-up at Omakase!

Two saturdays ago, the girls & I went our merry way to Starbucks which was our supposed meeting place with 2 blogger friends who were joining us for lunch in BF. We were hell bent on having JUST coffee so we have space for what I anticipated to be a huge lunch. OMAKASE, however, was just across and the temptation was too much to ignore -so we promised ourselves that we will just have one short maki order each to tide us over as we waited for the very late peeps! ;)

This is what happens when we are let loose in a japanese restaurant.. a japanese restaurant that we happen to love. Very much! @_@

If it weren’t for my girls I’d be DEVASTATED & VERY FRUSTRATED with my busy busy boys! #notime #bisibisihan

Salmon Gyoza. NEW. 150 php.

I prefer the pork version. The texture was just too weird for me.

Vegetables Tempura 180 php.

Chirashi Kani Miso 290 php. New -to us. :P

Seafood Crepe Salad 230 php. My staple. Always. <3

Tuna Tataki 180 php.

Oyster Butteryaki 280 php. Could have done without. :P

Dynamite Roll 250 php. What we SAID we will have. Turns out NOT the ONLY thing we had. :P

Seeeee??? Ang Dami!!! This is the appetizer to our real lunch date. Grabe! @_@ I was just teasing her with this shot. Not everything on her side belongs to ate haha.

Jeng and Michi.. kasalanan niyo ito!!! ;))

But birthdays are meant to splurge & enjoy, right? So I guess this was okay. :P

And this concludes ate’s birthday celebrations. My babyson’s is up next, but knowing him, it’ll be a low key celebration -IF AT ALL! @_@ A happy & peaceful week ahead everyone! Do leave a line or two. It brightens my day considerably. Love you guys, Mwah! :-*

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