When Mice Play

The cat was away for the WHOLE day!!! Too bad the baby mice were in school. The 2 older ones, for sure, I can never pry away. They love school too much! @_@ But my baby girl.. her I can kidnap for the day.. so I  surprised her mid-way and “saved” her from a dreadful day in school hahaha. How I wish MY mom was this cool way back when! ;P

(Note to my readers.. Please don’t judge me. Life is too short for me to take it seriously haha. Sneaking off from time to time -with parental consent- is just fine & dandy, and does not a bad parent make, me thinks! ;P)

The thing with my baby girl is, she’s really my mini me! ;)) Where ate rolls her eyes numerous times at the mere mention of a filipino movie (yes, she does a much better version than Linda Blair in “the exorcist” -I kid you not! Kulang na lang projectile vomiting!), and my babyson shudders repeatedly at the thought, my baby girl squeals with happiness whenever I even HINT at watching one, haha! She’s really so bakya like me haha! <3 Plus, I can drag her just about anywhere & she’d be happy as long as she’s with me! :)

So I hied her off to watch Pokwang’s A Mother’s Story! ;)

This really should have been part of the festival.
So far, this is the best I’ve watched of the lot!
And Pokie really deserves an acting award in this film. Do watch it! :)

But not before we had a hurried lunch of pizza & pasta at Sbarro’s..

We just HEART sbarro’s deep dish pizzas!!! <3

Proof of our “takaw-ness”!!! ;P
Look at my Lavinia’s smile. She just LOVES hanging with dear old mother! <3

My baby girl hugged me at the end of our date & said she just had the best day ever. Sigh.. words that melts a mother’s heart! ;) Then she asked if we can do it again next week!! @_@ Uhmm…. NO?!?!?!?!

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