What’s Your Poison.. Ghost or Zombie?

And speaking of mortality.. I’ve seriously been bothered by what I’ve read in a facebook post just recently..

Friends, yes, I consider you (my readers) my friends now. So allow me to be brutally honest with you. I know I’m not in the position to judge him, not knowing what he has been through. But I really feel that this is too early & too inappropriate..

Dated March 07.. just 2 months after his wife passed away. I’m sorry but 2 months?? And you’re already considering a NEW family??? This. After you profess your undying love for your wife, bombarding your wall (and your friends walls by tagging them endlessly every single day) daily with updates from the time she was in the hospital until now?? Really? Sorry, I don’t know about you guys but I feel there’s something seriously wrong with this post. Could you have at least kept in private? Or waited at least 1 year after???
And another post just the other day.. I know you’re sad -and hurting, a lot. And your wife probably gave you her blessing to re-marry. But 64 days, really? You’re asking God for this??? This soon? Baka naman pwede ka pa maghintay!
  • Comment: If I die, will you marry again? Husband: (aghast) No way. Not ever again! Happy Monday morning!
  • Reply: Hi. Please ask your husband the reason why  He he. Reminds me of this PM that a FB friend sent to me after reading this post. She said, “btw i asked my husband once pag kinuha nako ni Lord mag aasawa kapaba? Not that i mind.. I said… Buti nga mag asawa ka ulit…hindi na! he said shaking his head quite vigorously. O talaga? Baket? E ksi ayoko na ng sakit ng ulo!ngek! Nakupo…kaya pala pumuti na ang lahat ng buhok nya sa kunsumisyon sakin..” Ha, ha, ha. 

So last night, while Kap & I were HHWD (Holding Hands While Driving) home from the wake, I remembered this & casually asked him if he would marry again if I were to pass. Ang mokong, hindi sumagot!!! </3 Oh-em-gee!! Really?? After 27 years together you would really consider looking for another love when I go? And here I thought I was your one true love!!! :'((

Me & Kap.. one true love!!!
Tramp & Kap!!! :P (Grrrrrrr!!!)

I told him, in no uncertain terms.. HINDI PWEDE!!! @_@ Okay, call me selfish but I really feel in my heart that there can only be one great love in a lifetime. For one to even FIND it in a lifetime is already a blessing. Whatcha doin looking around for another one, fool???

So I told him, again, in no uncertain terms. If he remarries, he will have 2 options:

1.) I will come back. At mumultuhin ko sila ng bagong jowa nya ng bonggang bongga!!!

Revenge of Ms. Piggy!!!


2.) I will rise. Kakainin ko sila ng bagong jowa nya ng bonggang bongga!!!

Wrath of Ms. Piggy!!!

Kapitan K, take your pick! Hmp! Kung ako ikaw, mag-tennis ka na lang! That’s the safest route to take! :P

PS- All the pictures here DO NOT belong to me.

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