What’s in their Bags???

Some time ago, I posted about What’s in my Bag! I always carry around a BIG oversized bag coz everything my kids & I could possibly need when we’re out of the house is in it.

I have a BIG treat for you guys today! <3 I have taken the liberty of asking my favorite bloggers what’s in their bags as well! m/ Coz we gals are just naturally usi, right? Big names here guys, I’m so star struck. Enjoy!!! ;)

What’s in FRANNY ANG’s Bag?
Hi Jane!

I’m so sorry for the delay. The terrible haze situation here has been slowing me down. Anyway, here’s a snapshot of what’s inside my bag :)

– Black Longchap Le Pliage Bag : This is my everyday bag to the office. It’s light and very spacious.

– Wallet : I will DIE without this.. inside has all the essentials my EZ Link card (for me to commute to work and back), my identification cards, CASH and cards. This wallet was given to me by my MIL. she got classy taste don’t you think?

– iPhone 4S and Boostcase which I got from Beyond the Box. I use my phone a lot as I surf the net, check my blog and play Candy Crush. Thus I always bring my boostcase around for extra battery life.
– Umbrella: It rains almost every day here in Singapore.

– Canon S95 camera : I don’t know when I’ll come across a good food find so it’s best to have this with me all the time.

– Scapular : I’ve had this with me since I was in grade school and I never leave home without it.

– My very basic makeup essentials : Youngblood powder, Nature Republic blush and my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Honey). I also love these two Charm retractable brushes which are so handy and mess-free! The gold one is for the blush while the pink one is for the powder. Not to mention my heart-shaped Marc Jacobs mirror.

– I’m very OC so I always have a bottle of alcohol and dental floss with me.

– Pen : this was given to me by my parents as a graduation gift. I always have it with me anytime I need to jot something down.

– Calling card case and keys

That’s it :) Paul always say my bag is like that of Mary Poppins, ang daming laman and it all fits inside!


flipflopping my way around town


p.s. the Longchamp bag was a gift from Paul btw :)

What’s in JIN PEREZ’s Bag?

Hi Jane,

Here you go! Told you ang kalat, haha! I still have keycards from previous hotel stays in my front pocket + a half-eaten chocolate bar. And all the pens I took from the hotels because I’m great at losing them! Lol! :)


Hi Jane! Here are the contents of my Coach bag:
Canon EOS M (used for shooting hence the lens cap ; p)
Fino leather wallet blue
Fino coin purse white
Kanebo lipstick
Kanebo lipstick
Yves Rocher plumping lip gloss
Nokia phone ; p old na lol
Umbra Membership card case in bue and silver
Cross gold
Fino key chain in black
Gift certificates
Hair Doctor in green
Business Card
Essilor glass cleaner
Not in the photo but also attached to my bag is an alcogel from Bath & Body Works in pink. ;P I have not changed bag nor the things inside so some are really old stuff hahaha.


A BIG thanks to these beautiful ladies for humoring my request in spite of their very busy, very hectic schedules. This is one of the reasons why they are the people I truly love & admire. <3
And yes. I’m really really curious!!! What’s in YOUR bag??? ;)
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