What’s in my Bag!

Whenever we would go out, my Hunny complains of how big & heavy my bag is.. because he always ends up carrying it for me haha! :P
My hero! <3

I used to secretly mock the boyfriends who are so sipsip, carrying their girlfriends’ bags -all the while thinking they are oh-so-gallant when in fact they look silly! ;)) But I changed my tune when I started having excruciating back pains because of my bag! My hunny became my knight in shining armor & I had newfound respect in guys brave enough to carry their girl’s bags in public.

Years ago, I can go out without carrying a bag. I’d just put everything I needed in my pocket. Or if I did bring a bag, it would be the small dainty girly-girly kind. Now, I can’t even think of stepping out of the house without my maleta! @_@ I feel.. NAKED without all my things! ;))

So! What’s making my bag soooooo very heavy???

The tray of the red make-up kit pops out so I just store my powder & lipstick inside & I’m good to go with my beauty pack.
You never know when you’re needed for a photo-op, so I always come prepared.
I never leave home without any of these essentials, as well as my phone.
My trusty pen since I was single.
One pouch carries all my bottled thingamajigs as well as my very pink swiss knife.
I can not tell you how many times my family borrowed this from me.
So yes, I need it, and everything else attached to it -most especially the precious nail cutter.
And go heavy on the breath spray/mints especially after meals. Nothing is worse than bad breath! ;P
Another pouch carries my maintenance meds, band-aids & first-aid ointments as well as emergency medications in case any of my kids fall sick while we’re out.
I’m always on dengue alert. Better safe than sorry.

I always bring an envirosac because stores don’t give plastic bags anymore, especially book stores. They give PAPER BAGS which rip easily. So I just dig this out & voila! ;P

I have a special wallet for all my bills, IDs, etc. Yes, even tape measure.
My kids often call me when I’m out to say they need clothes ASAP for P.E. or Filipiniana, or costumes. So I come fully prepared.

Sometimes, when I’m really really feeling particularly strong, or when I’m going to have to do some waiting, I carry my iPad or Kindle with me to kill time! @_@

I love reading blogs so I take my iPad with me for times when I have to wait for the kids.
Or my Kindle. It depends on which one my current bag can accommodate hehe! :P

SO, what’s in YOUR bag??? ;))

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