What’s For Lunch?

I seem to find myself inside the kids’ new school lately. And I’m not talking about hatid & sundo, that’s a whole new nightmare entirely. ;P It’s the never ending process of getting stickers for our cars. You won’t be let in without a sticker, so you can just imagine the long line one must go through to have their sticker affixed by the guard. (No, you can’t stick it on yourself, so you have to bring your car in & they will stick it for you. X number of cars = X number of visit & queue!)

Ate didn’t have school the other day because it was Araw ng Maynila, so she went with me to do my chores. And since we were already there, I suggested we eat lunch in the school cafeteria so I know what my 2 kids are buying for their lunch. And also to get a feel of their lunch environment.

Wow, I thought to myself. It’s soooo big & spacious. Ate & I were able to leisurely walk & see all the food choices at a slow pace. She was visibly impressed about the modern cafeteria & all the food and drink choices available.

Impressed with the BAD ASS ceiling fan.
I’m not exaggerating, the brand is really called BAD ASS! ;P
My tray: Big Chill small strawberry drink 110 php, churros 35 php, chicken 70 php, macaroni 60 php, suman latik 15 php.
 Ate’s tray: Rice meal 65 php, water (small) 15 php, apple pie 35 php.
Looking around, we saw there’s a second floor area that offers even more seating for the students.

After 30 minutes, this is the chaos inside the cafeteria. I swear to you, I couldn’t find my kids. They really all looked the same to me. My babyson walked right in front of us & he didn’t even notice us, lels. Good thing ate caught up to him & I was able to get a photo op with him harhar. That’s how busy the canteen was. And they have to do this every single day! @_@ Alas, we waited & waited, searched & searched, but we couldn’t find my baby girl.

My babyson’s BFF from his old school followed him all the way to the new one.
Is that dedication, or what?
Ayan, wala pang uniform! ;P

O. M. G. I cannot imagine the stress this brings to my kids every single lunchtime. No wonder they were so overwhelmed the first day. I’m still shocked with my lunch experience. It was so hot & noisy.

I really need to continue sending them rice & ulam baon so they don’t have to queue for their food & drinks. WHAT HAVE I DONE??? @_@

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