What is a Perfect Day?

One of my 3 kids went back to school yesterday. My heart is 1/3 broken. </3 Ate’s classes are from early morning until late in the afternoon, so I will definitely be missing her big time. :'((

I always have separation anxiety this time of the year when I’ve spent 2 months of glorious summer vacation with the kids 24/7, only for them to be pulled out all of a sudden from my midst. This is why I need to get a life. I feel so empty without my kids. E-M-P-T-Y. At least I have the 2 younger piglets for another 2 weeks before their school gets joint custody. :P

I want us to have a “first-day-of-school” tradition. Last year, I took her to school for her first day. She will forever be my baby girl & will never be too old for mommy to take to school. This year, I took my more confident college sophie to her first day again, and waited for her classes to finish so we can have lunch together. I want to give her memories & this one-on-one bonding time provides for memories to last a lifetime. <3

My perfect day doesn’t have to be being in the mall. I don’t need to have new bags, or shoes, or clothes. My perfect day doesn’t have to involve eating out or going out. Any day that Kap & my 3 kids are with me, be it in our room lounging the whole day vegging on my bed, is MY definition of a perfect day. (Even though Kap always hogs the remote & tv! And ALL my pillows!)

For now, I have to be content with having perfect weekends. When all the kids are home with me & the hubster and my heart is whole, my happiness is complete. <3

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