What Happened to Forever?

I was more sad than shocked when I learned that 3 couples we know, whom we THOUGHT were happily married & living the life some people can only dream of & wish for, were already separated for a couple of months now & the men have new loves & lives of their own. They have joined the bandwagon of our many other friends & acquaintances who have given up & moved on -separately. What happened to forever?

What happened to the promise they made, in front of God & men? Did it stop when money troubles came knocking? When menopausal set in? When the kids grew up and all that was left was each other?

When did the love stop? Was it when the girl got thick around the middle? When the guy started losing most of his hair? When crow feet & wrinkles started showing up?

Pictures are worth a thousand words. As I got connected with friends in Instagram, their “secrets” started unfolding. The lady in their arms look different from the spouse they pledged their love to. The women they call “babe” now do not carry their last names. And they post pictures of anyone & everyone except that of their spouses.


When did romance die? Was it when the men got too complacent & would pass gas in front of their wives? When the wives got too comfortable & burp loudly in the presence of their husbands? or When both aren’t too shy to pick their nose in front of each other anymore?

All along, I thought they were living the fairy tale life. Their pumpkin coaches were gilded with silver & gold, their clothes & fineries paralleled the stars in the universe, all shiny shimmering splendid. Their big smiles could have fooled anyone that they were on the moon with happiness. Looks can be deceiving I guess.


Money really IS the root of all evil. Too little of it gives way to stress & constant battle as you struggle to make ends meet one day at a time. Blaming each other & fighting for self preservation. Too much of it that you can play to your heart’s content, forsaking your duties & responsibilities to your family.. making you feel powerful & invincible, the need for love & family diminishes because you have anything & everything right at your fingertips.

More & more, I have stopped wishing for a string of luxury cars. Long trips to fantastic destinations & exotic places. Stacks upon stacks of designer clothes, bags, shoes & accessories galore. Not when it means having a huge amount of money will get to your head (and heart) & ruin your marriage.

I’ll be ok with a simple life, if it means I get to live my happily ever after. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. <3

All pictures above, save for this one, do not belong to me. The guy in the picture? HE MOST DEFINITELY BELONGS TO ME! ;)

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