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Meeting you guys & receiving so much love from you makes me feel all sorts of happy & tingly down to my piggy toes!

I know I say it a lot, but know that I mean it too. I truly appreciate the time you put in reading my more-often-than-not looong & rambling blog, and sharing (as well as delighting) in our family’s experiences. I appreciate every positive comment you leave behind, and every email you send.

Some weeks back, 3 of my dear readers came to see us. Now coming to Alabang from up north is no small feat, what with the killer traffic and all. So for them to trek all the way here is for me, both a gift & a blessing.

Which is why in my own small way, I try to reciprocate & let them know that meeting them is as much -if not more, a pleasure to me as it is to them.

I asked my friend, churchmate, and coincidentally neighbor SHARON of BAKERMOM SPECIALTY CAKES -who happens to be a superb artist & home baker, to whip up some yummy cupcakes for my guests.

I tell you (and there is no churva involved just because she happens to be a friend ha!), she really makes THE BEST red velvet cupcakes in town. Not sickeningly sweet as they usually come. Sharon adjusted the sugar levels on her icings & cakes so each bite comes out delightfully unsinful! ;) In small doses, even safe for diabetics like me.

Just click on the link above for her contact details. <3

For Gilda whose daughter was playing in the Alaska Cup the day we were meeting up, I asked Sharon to make me soccer-inspired cupcakes in chocolate & red velvet. For the lovely twins Adrielle & Adrianne, I had Shawie make chanel-themed dainty cupcakes to fit their posh personalities! ;))

Just look at those details. Sharon really put in a lot of effort into these yummy & beautiful cuppies!

Because I simply cannot decide on which flavor I like best, I always ask for a mix of the chocolate & red velvet with every box I order. <3

Not a part of my storyline but they are just too cute not to include in this post. Last week I met with some friends -one of which is a dog-lover like me, and another of the sun, sand & beach. I met them bearing one-of-a-kind gifts which brought squeals of delight! Yan ang regalong nagdadala ng ligaya. ;)

A new reader Gilda, came to the South with her daughter Gyl, and asked to meet with me..

It is every blogger’s dream to get a comment such as this. Thank you Gilda! :-*

Gilda with her daughter GYL. <3

Meanwhile my favorite twins, & their lone escort hehe, also came and met the rest of the GOppets, and stayed well into the night. We enjoyed every chika minute & I feel as if we’ve know them forever by the time they left!

With my now favorite wonder twins, Adrielle & Adrianne. LOVE!

Thank you so much, my very thoughtful sweeties, for adding to my trinket collection! :-*

Adrielle & Benedict just got engaged! They’re getting married next year on their 8th year two-gether, woohoo!! \m/ Congratulations guys! <3 <3 <3 Like I always say, the BEST is yet to come!

They look like siblings, don’t you agree? Magkakamukha hahaha! Dumami bigla ang mga anak ko juicekoDay!

Thank you so much dear ladies (and a gentleman) for making me feel so special & loved. Sabi ba naman sa akin ni Kap paguwi ng mga bisista ko: Sweetheart ano pinakain mo sa mga readers mo bakit sinasadya ka. To which I replied “Hay naku Honey. Masyado ka walang bilib sa asawa mo. Tiwala lang, tiwala!” :P

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