Wee Nam Kee

Celebrated ate’s victory (for passing her college entrance exams) with a movie last night..

I wanna buy a zoo too! ;P

and dinner after at the newly opened singaporean restaurant Wee Nam Kee in the new wing of the ATC mall. And wha’dya know??? They were offering 50% discount for citibank card holders. Just for that day (okay okay, and the day before that too!)Yippee!!! m/

So who cares that we had to wait 1.5 hours to get seated??? As long as we get that 50%! Teehee…

Long waiting time. Lots of peeps, too few seats. Sigh!

Passed our time by snooping at what’s in store at the new wing…

New stores, new restaurants! m/
Tada… presenting THE NEW WING!!! <3

and trying this out… Poor salesman, he probably thought he was closing a sale! Or rather, 5 sales that day hehe! ;P

Went inside RUNNER to find out which shoe works best for us..

Finally, at 9:30 pm, with stomachs growling, we were seated! @_@ And you know what they say about ordering food on an empty GROWLING stomach, right? ;)) Yep, we definitely ordered A LOT!!!

Steamed chicken (large) – 888.00 php
HK Fried noodles (x2) 510.00 php
Cereal Prawns (x2) 790.00 php
Sizzling Plate Tofu (hot & spicy, simply The best!!) 235.00 php
Fried Rice (x2) 380.00 php
Sambal Kangkong 199.00 php
Lechon Kawali (worst of all our orders. Didn’t like it one bit, sorry) 220.00 php
Pork Asado 220.00 php
Hungry hippos who ordered waaaaayyyy too much!!!
Therefore this doggie bag! ;P
Good thing Kapitan K was feeling generous because of the promo! ;) We all went weee! weee! weee! all the way home! <3
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