Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Tom Cruise. 2 words that made the men so crazy that we just had to watch his latest movie OBLIVION on iMax. Duh, what’s so fascinating with Tom Cruise? I guess it’s a guy thing, huh? :P

I wouldn’t mind shelling out 450php/head if say the movie we were watching was Iron Man, or even Man of Steel. But no, it had to be Oblivion, which sent me straight to dreamlandia, I’m afraid. Zzzzzzzz… #notafan

Oh well, at least the girls had some summer shopping time in forever 21 before the movie. And I got to try out Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant in MOA.

At first, I was scared, thinking it might be crazy expensive. I suggested the place so baka mapasubo na naman ako. It’s not, to Kap’s delight! ;P


SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Dr
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
It’s very spacious & not at all a fast-food ambience in spite of the inexpensive price.
Salmon Sashimi 260 php
Hungry kids who got lost teehee..
Shrimp Tempura Roll 225 php
Sapporo Salad 375 php
Nagasaki Ramen 295 php
Shrimp Tempura 305 php
Assorted Tempura 295 php
Roasted Mackarel 495 php
Sukiyaki 385 php
Pork Cutlet Rice 345 php
Beef Pepper Rice 240 php
Watami Ramen 345 php
Deluxe Assorted Sushi 295 php
Pork Rice in Stonepot 225 php
Tokyo Beef Rice 245 php
Chicken Cutlet with Egg
Spicy Miso Ramen 380 php
and finally.. the FREE (full size) watami salad… ;P 350 php

Kap & I split the chicken cutlet, spicy miso ramen & the mixed tempura. We loved our food, except the tempura could use a bigger prawn. Otherwise, everyone (even the kids) agreed that the overall taste was very good to excellent.

If you have a Bistro Card you get 20% off your total food bill. Now ain’t that great? ;) Almost enough to turn our frown upside down.

Aside from 20% discount, you get free appetizer coupons to all their business establishments.
2.5k membership fee for 1 year.
You can buy this at any of the Bistro Group restos.

Our day was just so complicated I’m glad nothing bad happened. It was just a string of bad luck after another, as if we had a dark cloud hanging over our heads. You wouldn’t believe the day we had.

mur·phy’s law  


A supposed law of nature, expressed in various humorous popular sayings, to the effect that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

First, we couldn’t decide on the movie that we wanted to watch & where we wanted to watch it. The group was divided, which was unusual coz we almost always sync. And since I was in charge of securing the tickets, I had a somewhat difficult time coordinating with everybody. Papalit-palit sila ng desisyon, hay!

Second, after changing cars 2x kasi padagdag ng padagdag ang pasahero namin & finally leaving the house way past the time we originally agreed upon, kuya Rolly’s van overheated on our way to MOA, so we had to make a sudden stop-over & wait for another car to come to our rescue. Then we had to divide & conquer. All the kids rode with their kuya Andrew, who ran out of gas on top of getting lost & having had to re-route because heavy traffic due to a road block in Roxas Blvd. -making their trip to MOA 2-hours long hehe, thus making every one of his passenger late to the cinema. Upside was they got some shopping done while waiting for the next showing! I’m sure that lifted the girls’ sagging (& hot) spirits! :P

Third, I always buy our movie tickets ahead of time, seeing we’re always a big group. But for some reason, MOA cinema’s system shut down so we couldn’t get in the cinema even though we had previously purchased & printed tickets. We had to wait quite a while before we (the adults) were let in & we almost didn’t make it on time. Upside was because of their blooper with their system, the manager of the ticket booth agreed to bump up the kids’ movie tickets to another time slot so they were still able to watch the last full show even though they got to MOA later than scheduled.

Fourth, our food got sooooo delayed. Like it took an HOUR for our food to come. Talk about stress! @_@ We were already rushing with dinner so the kids can finally watch the movie. Upside was the manager gave us a free watami salad to make up for the long wait.

All’s well that ends well. At least may upside sa mga downside! ;) I’m just so happy to finally say goodbye to yesterday! It really was a very bad day.

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