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EGG it Waffle x Nike Kaishi x Triangl

You guys know me well. So I don’t have to sugarcoat things & pretend to be someone I’m not. You know that this is not the usual place I would choose to hangout in. This is screaming Kap through & through, lels. BUT, I’m open to suggestions & new experiences. So although this wasn’t my top choice.. or any choice actually, I was willing to rough it out & give it a try.

Gone were my estudyante days. So I was really hoping for an upgrade at this point in my life. #seniorcitizen But this recommendation came unexpectedly & I was up for the challenge. It’s different, even enjoyable, when you’re in a different country eating at hole in the wall places because it’s exciting discovering new places, eating unusual food. But it’s a totally different experience when you’re in your homeland.. Hot, sweaty, and nilalangaw. It’s quite a challenge looking for fun in that scenario. ;P

Nonetheless, Ate & I wazed our way & found ourselves here one afternoon for meryenda after I picked her up from school.

My tummy was grumbling heavily & I was hoping for a more substantial meal. But my choices were limited to waffle, waffle, or waffle. :P Oooookay, waffle it is then.


6F San Rafael St. (corner Sta. Rosa St.), Kapitolyo, Pasig 0915 269 6424

Facebook page:


More than the food, I was really worried about those stools. Kayanin kaya ako??? So I had my butt half in & half out the whole time. Kasi yun din lang ang nagkasya! :P


Hong Kong style waffle. Ate & I had a jolly time pretending we were in Hong Kong, soaking up the culture.


Ate was amused coz it’s been a while since my estudyante days in Espana eating at crowded, dingy place. Balik estudyante budget ang meal ko for the day.


To be fair, the menu sounded promising..



And I love SPAM. Who doesn’t. So this was a win-win. ;) Black Pepper Spam with Cheese 90 php.


Sorry for my limp hair. Grabe ang pawis ko jan. Dumikit na sa anit ang buhok ko! :P #dryshampooplease Yes, Ate is VERY amused.


And because of that, I didn’t share my spam waffle with her. :P


Anyway, she had her own. Reese’s 90 php.


Again, to be fair, they were quite ok. And big, and fluffy. Sige na nga. PASALUBONG! My Lovey’s Cookies & Cream 90 php.


And my baby son’s Bananutella 90 php.


Possibly from this giant jar of nutella.


Anyway. Sexy ako. So syempre may tip! ;) Sexing tip!


Sa pamilya, dapat laging may pasalubong. Except for Kap. He doesn’t eat waffles. Kanin at ulam lang sya. With extra rice.

Anyway, I was a day early. Too bad I didn’t get to try the Bibingka. That may have been the one thing that could have pulled at my heartstrings & make me an instant fan.



This photo belongs to Egg-it. EGG-it CHRISTMAS Edition: SPECIAL BIBINGKA EGG-it. Topped with Salted egg, Butter, Grated cheese and Crispy Bacon strips. 159 php.

Why did we reach Pasig you ask? Because Ate wanted NIKE KAISHIS.. and as always, everything they want is either limited, or out of stock. So we had to chase an online reseller. Who happened to be in a specific bazaar that day. #buhayngnanay

Read about our wild goose chase the time my Lovey wanted NIKE ROSHES! @_@ Isinusumpa kita Nike! :P


All the way to the Metrotent Bazaar. Asdfghjkl!!!


Meet the Nike Kaishi, the Roshe Run’s successor, or Brother if you will. As you’ll notice the sole is sleeker and Nike added a few extra panels to the uppers.




I was really hesitant on buying from a bazaar. How can you tell a fake from an original?! But Ate assured me (repeatedly) that SOUL SLAM sold only original hard to find, limited edition Nike shoes.


Another thing she spotted. PEARLYPOP. Reseller of both imitation & original TRIANGL SWIMWEAR.


TRIANGL SWIMWEAR are the pricey Neoprene bikinis & Micro-Mesh swimwear that’s super “IN” now available only in Australia & North America. The imitation costs 1k. The original costs 4K & up depending on the material & style. AND SHE LIKED 2! Na original. @_@

And so, whatever we saved on food.. you know the rest. Nakakatakot mag-Pasig kasi nuknukan ng traffic. Per mas nakakatakot mag-bazaar. $$$ Asdfghjkl!!! Yun lang. The End.

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