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Vyne Tapas Bar

Vyne Tapas Bar (dining), 1/3 of the Hyve (clubbing – currently under renovation, to open again in August) & Skye (drinking) triple razzle dazzle, is a tapas place by Chef Robert Pengson of the famed Goose Station, and partners. I like the concept of Tapas (or small plates) because I get to sample a variety of dishes, as opposed to one huge serving of a particular dish -you get full quickly & there’s no more room for other fares to try.


The Bossman (L), Chef Jerome Orpiano, JP Enriquez VYNE Tapas Bar Partner, and Zid Santos (R) VYNE Tapas Bar Marketing Manager

At Vyne Tapas Bar, it’s not just about the taste, it’s also about the presentation. You get that feel as soon as you walk in & you see the spunky decor & street art wall murals thats scream attention to detail.

While the more distinguished scene of old wood & dark hues may cater to the bit mature coterie, the hip wall art and unfinished floor giving an urban ambiance surely speaks volume of welcoming & encouraging the younger generation to come in. The vibe is an eclectic mix between the old & the new, the hip & the “more mature”. ;)

Vyne Tapas Bar

8/F W Global Bldg., 9th Avenue corner 30th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 0917-5530197


Fun door that leads to a fun night!



A mix of the old..



and the new.



Cheers! My flaming Butter Finger 385 php. Bacardi 151 Rum, Disaronno Amaretto, Kahlua, & Baileys.




Actually, this drink deserves a solo picture because it’s just so pretty! <3 Dirt 385 php. Hennessy Vs, Frangelico, Kahlua, & Baileys.

I looked over the menu & it doesn’t limit itself to just one type of cuisine but more of an east-meets-west (where elements of Eastern and Western culture meet and influence each other) type of food. Things were surely getting exciting by the minute!


We started off our dinner with Thai Scallops 300 php. Seared scallops with mango salad in nuoc cham dressing, sambal mayo, and crispy catfish on top of pita bread.



And like I said, presentation was a big factor at Vyne. Lookee!



Pork Chasu Bun 295 php. Pork chasu topped with fried quail egg, nori strips and leeks with sesame mayo.



Seared Salmon 450 php. With pea puree, braised charred leek, asparagus and Jamon Serrano broth.



Prawn Ravioli Laksa 270 php. Prawn ravioli, crispy dried tofu and topped off with fried onions, and bean sprouts.



Now this is something I hadn’t seen before! Ramen Carbonara 350 php. Miso cream carbonara with smoked pork belly, shot of shio ramen broth, and finished with a sous vide egg. Sooo creamy & wonderful too! <3



Because I’m a burger girl, I really took delight in this! <3 The Foie and Mushroom Burger 550 php. 200 grams of beef, mushroom ragout, foie gras, and blue cheese in brioche buns with prosciutto and apricot jam on the side. Said to be a whopping 2,500 calories! @_@ OMG!



Prime Rib Steak with 4 sauces 1000 grams 3,800 php. Choose between: Sauce Truffle Mushroom 100. Pommery Jus 100. Chimichurri 60. Barbeque Sauce 50. Pepper Sauce 60. Tomato & Chili 60. Curry 60. Pinoy Barbeque 50. Yogurt and Garlic 60. I ate my share without though & it was SO GOOD & flavorful. No need for sauce actually.



And what they did with the fats. zOMG!



Truffle Fries 275 php. A Rob Pengson signature at all his dining outlets. Fries cooked in truffle oil, smoked pimenton & topped with parmesan cheese.



Lemon Cheesecake 360 php. Citrus and Basil Lemon New York cheesecake with lemon custard topped with basil, chopped pistachios, and meringue. This is a MUST TRY, I promise. <3



The hungry gang! :P

Thank you Vyne for having us! :-*


Skye Lounge – Premiere rooftop lounge in Manila.



Hyve Nightclub – A New Standard in Nightlife.

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