After seeing our ramen post on instagram, ate got a bit jelly. Apparently, she’s been craving ramen for quite some time now, so I took her back to Yushoken for our thursdate. Na-empacho na ako sa ramen but if ramen is what my princess wants, ramen is what my princess gets! :P

It was unbelievably full on a thursday. I was lucky to get a table as the previous occupants were just about to leave when I went in.
Tantan men 380 php
Ate is like me, she likes things hot & spicy! ;))
My happy pwincess. <3

And because I’ve had my fill of ramen, I ordered something that didn’t involve noodles! Even though it’s also what my Lovey & I had the other day. Basta huwag lang uli ramen! :P

Chahan 220 php
They used japanese sticky rice for this. So the texture was a bit off from the usual yang chow I was expecting.
Japanese nga naman! :P

I don’t know why Yushoken doesn’t offer dessert. Cos Gusto by Buon Giorno next door for some quick italian gelato fix.

The place is so pretty. Almost as pretty as my date! ;)
We finally settled on an APPLE STRUDEL ALA MODE to share. 168 php
We chose right! Must come back for them italian cheesecakes! ;)

And remember when I mentioned that ate has 5 more debut parties to attend this year? I wasn’t exaggerating! @_@ We made an appointment with her tita ANN CHAVES of PLUMA for a couple more custom-made gowns. VOGUE was the theme for one of the parties, and Resorts World Hotel was the venue, so she really needed to dress in style. The other one will be in SOLAIRE hotel, so we really needed to step up ate’s game. Namumulubi na ako ha!!!

Ate was able to buy a pair of shoes so at least that part is over & done with.
We just needed matching gowns to go with it.
At least we can play with 3-4 different colors for this specific shoe. ;)
We all decided on chiffon as material for her gowns.
Para vogue na vogue ang effect.
I saw some designs which thankfully ate liked. So we just made some minor revisions.
I can’t wait to see the finished products. I just know in my heart ate will werq these gowns! :)

And if you think she is the only fashionista.. nagkakamali kayo! AKO DIN, mwahaha!!  JOKE LANG PO! #nagpapanggap #wannabe #nahihibang

My OOTD lels.
It was such a hot day that I decided to wear summery colors.
In fairness.. nagmukha akong popsicle diba? Malamig sa mata!
Pagbigyan nyo na! ;))

Happy sunday, everyone! :-*

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