Village Tavern

Jela always gives me her sad eyes whenever she sees me getting the car keys. She knows momma is leaving her behind.. again! </3

Just look at those sad puppy eyes! </3
This is the sad eyes she gives me whenever I get the keys from the wall to the door.
SAD! It’s like she’s saying MOMMYYYY DON’T LEAVE MEEEE! I DIEEEEE! </3

So yesterday, I decided it will be “Jela’s Day Out”. We took her to Bonifacio High Street to mingle with other classy poochies! ;P And so she’ll know naman what’s behind our door haha.

Wearing her favorite tutu, we headed out to BGC! m/
Boy, was Jela suuuuper excited!!! 
She went shopping at Hobbes & Landes.
She wanted to buy shoes, but all the shoes there were manly.
Not bagay for my pwincess! :P
Jela with her favorite kuya. <3
She saw this and DROOLED. As in legit DROOLED !
Jela LOVES pizza! <3
And I most certainly wanted to try a BLACK pizza. So win-win! ;)
So that sealed the deal.
Pizza it is.
It’s Jela’s Day after all. <3
However, poochies weren’t allowed inside.
No matter how cute or adorable they were.
And unfortunately, Village Tavern didn’t have those umbrella shades for outdoor seating. </3
At this point I would really like to thank the manager of Nihonbashitei BHS for allowing us to use their outdoor umbrella & table. Even though we ordered from their competitor next door, they were so gracious to allow us to use their table & seats! <3 I shall never forget their kindness.
Eagerly waiting for her pizza! ;P 
Taking super long with their orders. Paano.. text ng text! @_@
Ano bah! Gutom na si Jela! :((
Yay! <3 Jela’s pizza finally arrived!
Black Pizza 395 php
Soft & chewy. Bursting with flavoers! <3
You barely taste the squid ink, to ate’s delight! :P
Mommy feeding AND fanning the princess! @_@ 
Super spoiled lelly! <3
She obviously enjoyed her pizza! :P 
What could be better than an afternoon with my 4 babies! <3 
Sweet Potato Skins 240 php
As in sweet potato. I would have preferred the saltiness of the plain potato though. 
Blackened Shrimp Dip & Bread 595 php 
Complementary Nachos
(when you have a Bistro card. Plus 20% off)
Chicken Penne 675 php
Super sulit. Huge portion. Yummy goodness! <3
Of course we have our kulitan moments in between! :P
and GIGIL moments as well!
I just LOVE my babyson! <3 
And the perfect way to cap our meal? Sweet endings of course!
St. Barths Chocolate Torte 395 php 
Banana Crepe 395 php

Village Tavern is located at the 2nd floor, Bonifacio High Street Central. Call them at 621-3245.

In the end, Jela went home dirty from her romp & dead tired. But she had a FUN-tastic time. I don’t think she’ll be letting me leave the house on my own anytime soon. Now that she’s seen the world outside our village walls haha. I need to get her a stroller. Fast! :P

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