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Vela 2014

So. After feeling sad & melancholy that I wouldn’t be here for my son’s REAL prom (click HERE and HERE for his past 2 where he was just invited as a date) and with someone he is romantically invested in, it turns out I get to stay & attend to his needs after all! ;) And he’s so lucky I got to stay. He had last minute wardrobe malfunction & needed mommy to wave her magic wand & make his troubles disappear! :P

1 day before his Prom, he woke me up early in the morning with panicked eyes. The custom made suit (which he insisted on having made instead of listening to his mother to just buy one off the rack so we can see the actual fit before buying it) was TOO BIG. This, after how many returns to the tailor to have it fitted & re-fitted. The Sunday that we finally brought home his suit, I asked him a MILLION times if the he was okay with it. To which he answered yes. Then one day before the Prom, of all days, he tells me he doesn’t like how it hangs on him. FML.

The first tailored suit he had made here was fine so he thought of having another one made since the last one is now too small. They really grow up too fast. He said goodbye to the suit after just 1 year, bitin na, masikip pa.

So after school, fairy godmommah took him suit shopping at Topman. He wanted a black suit but they didn’t have one available in his size anymore. It was Prom season, what were we expecting?! We were lucky enough to find one in his size, but in navy blue. His Katiecakes’ gown was in red. Sabi ko, mag-asawa ang red & blue. Okay na yan! And he believed, mwahaha! :P

It looks more gray-ish than blue in the photos though.

Of course I will never let my babyson step foot outside the house unprepared. He has a corsage AND a boutonniere. To be sure.

My happiness with picture taking was short-lived. Hanggang bahay lang ako huhu. But I was happy that Katiecakes shared her pictures with me and here they are. Pag-chismisan natin dali, gorabels lang! ;))

Beautiful people naman sobra! Kilig to death ang mother goose! :P

All the dining set-up photos here belong to Michelle Ramos/Neil’s Kitchen who did a wonderful job setting up the air-conditioned Zobel Sports Pavillion for the JS Prom. I heard the food was pretty darn good too!

Their Prom theme was VELA 2014 Cruising under the Stars. Thus the Titanic ship.
Gusto ko ngang sumakay! Except I wasn’t invited! :P

My babyson is not one for taking photos. But before he left, I made him promise to give me something to work on in my blog. And he was a sweetheart to cooperate with his mommah. Thank you babyson.. kahit na sobrang blurry! ;P

Kilig moments talaga! Hay. To be young & in love!

His Katiecakes won as Miss Sociable that night, a popularity contest. Congratulations baby girl! <3 I would have voted you Prom Princess, given the chance. You looked like a million dollars in your gown!

Not only is she popular AND beautiful, but she has a good HEART too! <3 Kahit hindi naka-gown at walang make-up mukha pa ring million dollars diba?

In one of her outreach programs.

Anak, naka-jackpot ka na! ;) You better make this work babe. Be a good boyfie ha.

Pero in fairness, she’s also lucky with my babyson. <3
Good boy yan, I can really vouch for his character. Ako kaya nagpalaki diyan! ;)

Strict ang parents. ;)) The after party was at his date’s lovely home where they fed each other sushi.. and watched a movie -with the full lights on. No chance for hanky panky hehe. And I wholeheartedly agree! Ang babata niyo pa noh! :P


Sweet 16. My honey & I also fell in love at 16. We made it, and I believe that with a good mind, a good heart, these 2 can also make it. Just remember, three is a crowd. Kaya huwag magpapasok ng leche sa buhay, and everything will be okay! ;) May you have many more happy Proms twogether. Love you both! :-*

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