Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery opened in ATC!!! m/ It’s on the 2nd floor above starbucks where the old CYMA used to be.. and it’s oh-so pretty!!! <3 There’s an outdoor seating on the side with a white picket fence.

This photo belongs to VCB.Β 
The lovely bffs outside the lovely bakery. <3
I love their door knobs!!! <3 Bffs din ang peg ng door knobs!
OMG I love how it’s pink & blue!! Makes me think of nurseries & babies hehe.
And more cozy seating inside with such pretty chairs. Most of them the DAPHNE chairs, made byΒ Daphne Osena Paez.
They look like princesses on these cozy, inviting arm chairs.
Downside is because it’s soooo comfy, nobody wants to leave even after they’ve eaten their cupcakes haha.
(I MAY be pertaining to us!!! ;P)
And because the size of these chairs are so BIG, only a couple can fit inside the teeny tiny cramped bakery.
Make sure you go during non-peak hours.
My Lovey sitting on a DAPHNE chair.
I love how they have the chairs in assorted colors.
I MAY get some for the girls.. <3
The owner (who was too shy for photo ops but was super hands-on in her new shop) really went all out on her decor. I wanted to steal all her cutesy stuff, swear!!! @_@ I might have too, if she wasn’t watching over like a hawk, teehee! :P
With matching chandeliers.. <3
OMG I wanted to STEAL this!!!! <3
It’s sooooo ME!!! ;))
The cupcakes are on the high end. Around 90 php each.
This photo belongs to VCB.Β 
Eh siyempre, kasali rin kami sa peechure-peechure noh! :P

It’s officially summertime coz these 2 girls have been seeing WAY TO MUCH of each other hahaha! 4 days straight! (and more of the days to come, I’m sure!)


Timezone, then..
Dinner at Omakase.



At their tita Reg’s Cafe Mary Grace event.

And Friday…

At their tita Cathee’s baby shower!

Lakwatcherang mga bata!!! :P

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