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Vampire Penguin Shaved Snow & Desserts

Juice-mio. Summer na naman? I didn’t even get to enjoy the December breeze at heto na naman ang init! I thought I’d get to enjoy the outdoors a little more, at least until my dining room is finished so we don’t sweat while eating meals at our cozy little patio. But the heat & the glaring sun is truly unbearable now, especially at noontime. :| Hindi na kaya ng powers ko.

Coupled with my peri-menopausal situation, this is not a very good combination. I always add ice cubes to my drinks now. Ice is my best friend because it cools me faster than anything. Even dips at the pool don’t get the job done I’m afraid. Kahit tubig kasi, mainit! Feeling ko pati dugo ko natutuyot, daig pa ng bampira maka-drain ng life at energy hay!

Thank goodness for cold-inducing desserts. While in Pasig looking for chairs for our dining room, Kap & I got a chance to make usi Vampire Penguin Manila, a dessert shop that hails from California and serves shaved snow desserts at the newly opened mall called Ayala Malls the 30th. (Wala na ba silang maipangalan at number na talaga? Lolz.)


Ayala Mall the 30th is now open, but most of the stores are still closed, so you might wanna give it a couple more months before you visit. But I love how it’s conveniently close to Ate so she can run there anytime for food, workout, and movies! \m/ Check out the mall’s FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.

Vampire Penguin Manila

3rd Floor, Ayala Malls the 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City (02) 02 2469069 ext:441
Shaved Snow Calorie Info:
* Strawberry, Mango: approx 150 Calories per small serving and 300 Calories for large. (Vegan, contains no dairy)
* Thai tea, Coconut, Milk Tea, Green Tea, Chocolate: approx 200 cals. per small and 400 cals. for large (made with non-dairy cream)
* Vanilla, Cookies and cream: 250 cals. for small and 500 cals. for large (contains some dairy)

Galing ng segue ko diba? ;P Vampire Penguin is a penguin character who lives in the North Pole. And even though there are no other penguins in the North Pole, Vampire Penguin lives there because he is a vampire. His best friend is a walrus who thinks he is also a vampire. But behind Vampire Penguin‘s nonchalant eyes, he truly misses his family and longs to be with them, so he makes shaved snow to bring families and friends together.


Me & my best friend, KAP -who thinks he’s a bampayre hehe! ;)) Oh the lengths we go to just so you guys are entertained, lol.


Vampire Penguin is at the cinema area on the 3rd level of the mall. Great snackage while you watch your favorite movie this summer. CLICK HERE to see the complete menu with drool-worthy photos.


I see that macarons are available too. Too bad I’m not fond of these uber sweet meringues.


What you catch when you hang around the waiting area ogling your order.. Koya, pa-peehur naman?? ;P Dulce de Leche 225 (small) | 280 php. Vanilla snow, sliced bananas, drizzled in caramel sauce, whipped cream and flan. The other flavor is Pandan.


My TUXEDO 200 (small) | 260 php. Chocolate shaved snow with sliced almonds, marshmallows, strawberries, chocolate sauce and condensed milk. So pretty! <3


and Kap’s Halo-halo 225 (small) | 280 php. Taro snow, munggo beans, white beans, taro paste, jackfruit, condensed milk, and a touch of flan.


Penguin Puffs 135 php. Chocolate syrup drizzle and powdered sugar.


A top secret item on the menu -> This MANGO-ong 225 (small) | 280 php! Kap & I tried it for the sake of experience teehee. Not bad, not bad at all. I like the sweet, sour & salty combo.

I’m already dreaming of Korea this June where the weather is I’m sure, much cooler. How I wish we can go someplace chilly earlier, but as usual, the kids’ sked in school prevents us from going anywhere at the snap of a finger huhu. Alam nyo naman ang motto naminOHANA! #family-nobodygetsleftbehind :P

For now, I’d just have to content myself with shaved ice. Lots n lots. @_@ Heck, even whole blocks of ice if that will get my temp down. Happy start of summer guys! :-*

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