Valentine’s Day!

Of all the holidays in the world, my favorite is valentine’s day! I’m a romantic at heart so the thought of flowers & romance.. L-O-V-E being in the air gives me a sense of girly happiness. <3

How I would LOVE to be swept off my feet, surprised to no end.. To wake up to a bed covered in red velvety petals. Or see a trail of long-stemmed roses leading to a lovely surprise breakfast for 2. But Alas, it is not my fate. My Romeo is not the type. And rather than dwelling on what is not, I have graciously come to accept the fact. ;P

So! I’ll be the sweet one instead. Eve of valentine’s day, I made sure my 3 kids will have surprise lunches & sweet dessert that will brighten up their day. I also ordered a flower each for my 2 girls. A flower each for my son’s female classmates. A bouquet of yellow roses (his girlfriend’s favorite color) for my son’s girlfriend. Hey, I did say I was a hopeless romantic, right? :)

My baby son on his way to school, with his roses for the lucky girls..

Kneeling, asking his girlfriend of 2 years to be his valentine.
I swear this was not my idea! :))
With his classmates. He gave 1 red rose each to the girls ;)

So before my date with my Romeo, I rushed off to get my lunch surprise for the kids & bring them to school..

They love DH’s onion rings & buffalo wings so I got them those for lunch,
& a pasta each, with tiny cupcakes for dessert.
Then off to my date with the Love of my Life.. He took me to a hotel for lunch in lieu of flowers which, according to him, malalanta lang! @_@ What about the expensive food that we will eat, didn’t he think what will happen to that after? :P

Our 1st time to try Shang Palace’s dimsum buffet. 1k net.

Yes.. we ate all these! And then some! :))
Happy Valentine’s Day, Hunny. Thank you for my lovely date! :-*
My honey was still  feeling a bit under the weather so we decided to watch a movie another time. Sigh.. who knows, maybe one day the love of my life will wake up & decide to surprise me. Maybe fly me off me to a secluded beach & write my name on the sand while I’m dozing off on a hammock under the tree . A girl can dream! :)
Happy LOVE day, everyone! <3 <3 <3
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