Vaccine Time

It’s almost back to school, so I had to get the kids’ booster shots in order last week –to shield them from goodness knows what diseases that may be lurking around goodness knows where, especially ate na kung saan-saang sulok napapadpad at kumakain sa USTe! ;P

Their old pedia’s office is all the way in manila, so I decided to uproot them from their pedia since birth to our doctor-friend in nearby Asian Hospital & Medical Center. Makes sense doesn’t it? I don’t know why I only of this now. Could have saved us a lot of traveling time.
The 2 younger kids got their annual dose of Flu shots in preparation for the rainy season kung saan uso ang ubo at sipon.. and well, trangkasoAte, on top of the Flu shot, got the Hepa A vaccine as well. Mabuti na ang sigurado. Vaccines are controversial, especially in the U.S. because of the live virus injected into the patients. But “better safe than sorry” is my mantra. Hindi naman siguro iimbentuhin yan kung makakasama?
Our new pedia used this baby bumper on the 3 kids. It prevents isolating the pain to a single spot, she explained.
So, the patient doesn’t feel the single prick because of the multiple spikes pushed on the skin surrounding the area to be injected prior to the injection.
For short, hindi na nakakagulat yung sundot! :P
Injections & booster shots are costly ha! 1.2k/Flu shot. 1.8k for the Hepa A shot. And professional fee is not included in the cost yet. I’m so thankful our new pedia, Dra. Suntay is a dear family friend so she didn’t charge us for the P.F. anymore. I think doctors nowadays charge 800-1000 php per consultation. Paano na kaya ang mga bata sa smokey mountain???
While waiting for our new pedia’s little patients to finish getting their check-ups & shots, we decided to snoop in the cafeteria below & see what they’re serving.
Busy hospital. Grub available at the basement.
Wow. They have their own pancake house. And yellow cab, albeit a stall.
and PAD! m/ even though it’s just a stall. Wendy’s too.
At least plenty of choices for the bantays! ;)
The aircondiotioning in the cafeteria wasn’t doing it’s job. Mainit. So we went inside Pancake House where it was a million times cooler #not_exaggerating
My loves! <3 
The Pancake House in Asian Hospital was big, but still not big enough to accommodate the hungry deluge of guests.
Not helping is the fact that this is the only area cool enough to hang in.
The rest of the food area was uncomfortably hot.
Puno talaga. Bentang benta! ;)
Meryenda time: Gurts for my 2 girls.
83 php each.
additional 22 php for graham cracker, another 22 php for marshmallows.
I’m sure you can guess which one is whose, lels! ;))
Taco Salad 235 php
My babyson’s Banana Pancake 180 php
Not very appealing, is it? :(
Grape Shake 147 php
Milk Shake 115 php
And my secret weapon for NEXT TIME we visit! PASALUBONG for the receptionist!
Para paunahin na kami sa susunod, noh! @_@
Chicken Sandwich pasalubong.. 197 php! ;)
I stole a french fry. Walang lasa. Bawal siguro mag-sodium sa ospital!
Our waiting time took more than an hour. This part is what I hate about doctor’s appointments. The endless waiting for your turn. And we were #5 on the list. Imagine if we were #10! @_@

We have to go back next week for their Typhoid shots. Great.. more waiting. Such is life! Note to self: Don’t forget to bring pasalubong!!!

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