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USPB #PotatoesForACause Challenge

I’m a mom, and my language of love is through food. I cannot imagine any of my kids going hungry. Even at their grown-up ages of 16/18/21, I still see to it that my kids have proper nourishment to keep their strengths up in their day-to-day activities.


One thing I can be proud of as a mom is that my kids are all well-fed & well-nourished. I think that is every parent’s dream. That no child of ours ever goes to bed hungry. “Every child has a right to be well fed and well led -Frank Lloyd Wright”


Whenever they are out, I’d send them a text message to ask if they have eaten, or I’d call to remind them to eat, because sometimes in the busyness of things, they forget! (Ask any mom & they’d nod in assent, lol.) When they come home from school, I see to it that I have something -anything, readily available for them to snack on. For me, and I think for most Filipinos, concern for our loved ones is most shown in this phrase: “Kumain ka na ba?”

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One of the kids’ favorite snack to come home to is our sexy chef’s Potato Cake. She makes them in batches & these store great in the ref with or without the cream cheese icing. Can be eaten cold, or warmed from the toaster.

Lorie’s Potato Cake

Ingredients: 1 cup softened butter | 2 cups sugar | 2 eggs | 1 cup cold USPB mashed potatoes | 1 teaspoon vanilla extract | 2 cups all-purpose flour | 1/4 cup baking cocoa | 1 teaspoon baking soda | 1 cup milk


  1. In a large bowl, mix butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs. Beat in mashed potatoes & vanilla. Mix in flour, cocoa and baking soda. Add milk.
  2. Pour into a greased baking pan & bake at 350° for 40-45 minutes. Serves 12.

That’s why I am in full support of United States Potato Board or USPB’s #USPotatoesForACause challenge. This is a social media campaign that seeks to generate US potato recipes from online users to help selected Filipino charitable institutions have easy-to-prepare healthy meals. For every recipe submitted, the USPB will donate 1 kilo of US dehydrated potatoes to beneficiaries. This is one step further into ensuring that no kid goes to bed hungry.

MANILA, Philippines – An estimated 12.1 million families in the Philippines consider themselves poor, according to the latest survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

This number represents 55% of the responders in self-rated poverty survey conducted in the 3rd quarter of 2014, and increase from 2013’s average of 52%.

Meanwhile, 43% or an estimated 9.3 million families consider themselves food-poor. The number increased by 2 percentage points since the last quarter and 4 percentage points compared to last year’s 39% average.

The survey was conducted from September 26 to 29 using personal interviews with Filipino adult heads of households around the Philippines. -Rappler

The main promotional platform for this campaign is USPB Philippines’ Facebook page wherein all the promotions, updates, and announcements will be released.


Contest Mechanics: 1. Take a photo of a dish you prepared using US potatoes 2. Upload it on your Facebook Wall (make sure it’s on public mode) 3. In the caption, tell USPB how you made it and include the hashtag #USPotatoesForACause . The USPB will shortlist 10 entries based on potato usage innovation. Shortlisted entries will be posted on the USPB’s official Facebook page and the top three entries with the most number of likes will each win P10,000 worth of restaurant gift certificates. Announcement of winners will be posted on the USPB Facebook page on December.

Q: What are US dehydrated potatoes? 

A: US dehydrated potatoes are whole US potatoes that were put through an advanced process of water extraction hence the term “dehydrated”. US dehydrated potatoes are lightweight and do not need refrigeration. They can easily be stored, shipped, and prepared—just add water to make delicious, ready to eat mashed potatoes!


Why you should join:

1.) US potatoes are good ingredients for large group meals because they are already pre-prepared, pre-cut, and pre-cooked. This is why it’s easier to cook using them.

2.) US potatoes (depending on how you cook them) are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

3.) US potatoes are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and come in bulk and retail (takal-takal).

4.) Be able to feed orphans and abandoned children today by sharing your US potato recipe on your Facebook wall.

One of USPB’s strong advocates is Chef Kalel Chan, the maestro behind well-loved restaurants such as Museum Cafe (Check out my visit to Museum Cafe HERE)  , Chelsea Market Cafe, and Rocket Room , among others. He is also a believer in the awesomeness of US potatoes. Why not try out his recipe below for a home-made okonomiyaki using US potatoes.

Do you also have a unique potato dish you want to share? Show them off by joining USPB’s ‪#‎USPotatoesForACause‬ challenge and you might just get the chance to win surprises! Remember, deadline of submission of entries is on November 20, 2015 (THAT’s THIS FRIDAY!)

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