Uniqlo, a japanese brand of clothing, opened in the Philippines today, June 15, in MOA. Press releases left & right was crazy, so I expected quite a crowd. But nothing prepared me for the looooooooong looping line when we got to the store after school at 5PM! @_@

I almost backed out. ALMOST -but of course I didn’t. The kids already set their hearts minds to it & I was at their mercy haha.

A dancing band greeted us outside LOL
Going up the escalator, I see a big burly bouncer.
A fixture at every SM high end-ish store opening.
Thought to myself upon 1st inspection…. Hmmmnnn, the crowd is actually not bad. 
But then again, just as I was about to enter the store, we were told to go to the back of the line.
So around we went. Until we found the END of the line –sa dulo ng mundo.
Waiting time: 1 hour or more.
So off we went -on a snail’s pace… 
A very VERY slow snail, mind you! ;) 
After an hour or so, we were finally in. YAY! @_@
But who could resist those smiling faces, right? ;)
Met up with ate & her new friend (& classmate) Kitkat.
Good thing they didn’t have to go through the line anymore.
The nice bouncer allowed the girls to join us inside.

I actually admire their set up. There wasn’t a pandemonium inside & everything was done in a smooth, precise manner. Sales people were so courteous, I didn’t mind the long wait as much. :)

Their merchandise aren’t that fantastic, really. Just basic stuff. But almost everything was 590 php, THAT was the catch. Yes -even jeans! Thus the crowd. And they have quality jeans ha, as expected of any japanese brand.

See? Almost all are priced at 590! m/
Stock-piling like there’s no tomorrow! @_@

And not only us, apparently! ;P
And just when I thought my nightmare was over,
There was another looooong, loopy, snakey line to the cashier! asdfghjkl! @_@
But one smile wiped off whatever aches (mention it, I had it!) I experienced.
Even her dad was resigned to his duty as the kargador! ;P
See? Kapitan K was was actually SMILING!!! ;))
I know right? SHOCKING!
Went in line at 5. Finished shopping at around 9:30 -it was amazing, really. I expected the kids to shop longer haha. Maybe they were tired after a long day in school -which was good for my pocket! ;P

The only place that wasn’t too crowded & noisy on a friday night -on a PAY DAY to boot, was Cafe Adriatico. After the terror of mad shopping, we just wanted to sit back & have a quiet, relaxing meal.

Café AdriaticoSM Mall of Asia

2/F SM Mall of Asia, Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-0608

Shopping gets everyone hungry.
Dinner at Cafe Adriatico –again!
What can I say, they seem to like the food there.
Chicharon Bulaklak 295.00
Home made crisp fried pork variety meat crackling 
Sooooo crunchy & deliciously sinful! <3
Gambas Al Ajillo 320.00
Spanish-style shelled shrimps sauteed in olive oil and garlic
Steak Café Adriatico 485.00
Tenderloin ala Pobre 485.00
Topped with crunchy garlic flakes
Of course sisig will always make an appearance on our table! ;)
Spicy Sisig Pampanga 195.00
Minced pork jowl and chicken livers sauteed in garlic spice chilies
and Gising Gising 165.00
Minced stalk of kangkong spiced with small chilies and simmered in coconut cream
Pork Riblets
Bamboo Rice 250.00
Mountain rice cooked with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in a bamboo shell
The Day After 399.00
Pork lechon paksiw stewed in its own spicy sauce, coconut milk and chilies
Laing with tinapa
Mango Jubilee 120.00
Vanilla ice cream topped with flambeed fresh mango
I’m glad to meet Kitkat.
1st day of school, ate was so worried that she wouldn’t be able to make friends.
Then she texted me happily that she found 2 that she immediately “clicked” with.
And kitkat is one of them.
She’s so cute, don’t you think? -They both are! <3
And whadya know? As soon as my Lavinia tried on one of the jeans she bought, she found it too small. And it wasn’t the one on sale. So yep -it’s inevitable. It’s written on the tea leaves. WE ARE GOING BACK. CRAP! Heeeeeellllllllllllpppppppp!
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