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Uma Uma Ph

The kids are on their Christmas break, 4 glorious weeks that I get to see them not just in glimpses, but for the ENTIRE day! <3 Yehey, I’m sooooo very happy!


My very fashown kids. It’s hard keeping up with the #Giblings ha!

The first few days, they were happy & contented just staying at home & bumming around in their pyjamas. Day after day of waking up early & sleeping late got them hibernating bad the first few days of their break. On the 4th day though, my lakwatchera kids got antsy & were itching to leave the house na, hahaha!

Since all the malls are crowded anyway, we figured what the heck, might as well get out of our comfort zone & explore the upper south. North is just way too toxic right now, I kenatHanggang upper South lang ang kaya ng powers ko. @_@

Kap wasn’t with us the last time we went to Uptown Mall in BGC (remember Shaburi?) so we thought we’d take him there for a change of scenery. Plus of course we wanted to try out new restos. Uma Uma Ph in particular. I’m quite fond of Ramen but I don’t indulge in it too much because of the usual MSG mix, nahihilo ako pagkakainUma Uma Ph though, I heard from the grapevine, is MSG free, woohoo! Ooooows.. ma-try nga?


Mga nakawala! ;)) Can you see the happiness that radiates off my face when we are complete? I live for days spent with the fambam. <3

Word has it that famous foodies Anton DiazJin Perez, & Cher Tiu actually flew to Singapore with owner & franchisee Russel Yu just to try out ALL of Uma Uma‘s dishes & deem it worthy to be brought to the PI. Very interesting information indeed! And if the 3 big names in the food & blogging industry gave their stamps of approval AND 2 thumbs up, we most certainly want to know what’s so special with this Ramen Joint. ;)

Uma Uma Ph

2/F Uptown Parade, 38th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Uma Uma, which means tasty or with a lot of umami, is a ramen franchise from Iki Concepts of Singapore of the Fukuoka Ramen House, “Wu Maru”. This branch in Manila is an Izakaya-Ramenya concept offering affordable ramen, yakitori, and bespoke cocktails. Uma Uma Ph boasts of being naturally rich in umami and 100% MSG-free. Certainly a plus in my health-conscious girls’ books! \m/

After we parked at Uptown Mall, we went in search of Uma Uma Ph. We went up, across, around, straight ahead, and turned at the bend. Nasa dulo pala sya ng istasyon, lol. We’re not familiar with Uptown & didn’t know that there are 2 parts to the mall. The other is called Uptown Parade. One owner -Megaworld properties, but 2 different areas. Faaaar apart. Tip: Quicker access would be to park at the Revel at the Palace near Denny’s. Uma Uma Ph is right above, beside the wildly popular burger joint, Sweet Ecstasy.

While looking through their Facebook Page & Instagram Feed (hey peeps, another tip. You can learn sooo much about a place looking through their social media feeds). I saw that Uma Uma Ph also served cocktails. Whoohoo for sabado nights (‘cept t’was a wednesday, lol). I meant chill nights, but you get the idea. ;P





As we waited for the dishes to arrive, I had a Forest Berry Fizz made of white rum, lemon juice, forest berry tea, egg yolk, and lemonade. Perfect cocktail mix for me coz it had soda, teehee. I was able to satisfy my carbonated addiction & sneak it past my THREE uber strict food patrol. :|


First Ramen/Bar that I know of. Usually a ramen house just has 1-2 appetizers to choose from and then full on ramen naUma Uma Ph though has several appetizers, yakitori assortments, a full bar, and dessert to boot.


All bespoke cocktails reasonably priced at 220 php each. I so wanted to try the Donald Duck but Kap, my sugar patrol, made me choose. Another drink daw o dessert? Eh di syempre, sa dessert na ako! :P

I was so impressed with the very fast service in spite of the very busy night. 4 sous chefs apart from the very friendly & interactive Japanese Chef, Satoshi Nakamura, in the house, I learned. Hooray for fast service & efficiency! 


Usually it takes AGES for my girls to decide on what to order. But this time, they zeroed in on the Tamago & Vegetarian Dry Ramen and placed their orders quickly. Very good! Gutom na ako!


Very clean & orderly kitchen of Chef Nakamura. The Japanese are really unbeatable when it comes to efficiency & cleanliness. <3

The girls, as you know, are pescetareans. Lakas maka-stress sa chest! Good thing that apart from Ramen, Uma Uma Ph also serves various non-meat appetizers, yakitoris. Plus a VEGETARIAN DRY NOODLE. Yes, you read right. A(r)te was happy with my resto choice for once. ;)


Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago 180 php. Japanese scrambled egg with mayo and fish roe. If you’re icky about fish roes, opt to go plain with the Dashi Maki Tamago 140 php. I also loved the off-menu Nori Corn (less than 200 php). Do ask your server for this not-so-secret dish. The bomb! #swearbear


One-Bite Gyoza 140 php. Half-sized gyoza meant to be eaten in just one bite, made specially for women wearing lipstick & not to smear them while eating -according to Chef Nakamura. TBH, I didn’t know if he was kidding or not. ;)) At this point, I was just happy stuffing my face that I didn’t care anymore hehe.


More often than not, we like buffets because of our varied tastes in food & interests. But I was happy to know that there’s something for everyone at Uma Uma Ph. While my Babyson & Kap had the regular Karaage, I had the spicy version (off-menu so make sure you ask your server for this. Sooo goood!) Spicy Chicken Karaage 180 php for me (L), and the regular Chicken Karaage 160 php for them (R). Err’body happy! ;)


Picky eaters not a problem at Uma Uma Ph. Uma-gosh they have a vegetarian dry ramen for my (arte) vegetarian girls!  Mazesoba 360 php, or add chasiu 390 php. Spring onion, bamboo shoots, chili oil, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, onsen egg. Mapapa-uuuuma ka sa sarap!

I was initially apprehensive taking the fambam to Uma Uma Ph because of Flotsam & Jetsam who are anti-meat, FML. Baka kako walang makain! So I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing Uma Uma Ph got them covered with the vegetarian dry ramen, and a host of other non-meat food stuff.

Meanwhile, I was able to satisfy my ramen craving with the Spicy Chasiu Ramen. YUUUM! <3 I don’t think I can go meatless. Evaaar. I  DIE!! :'((


My delicious Spicy Chasiu Ramen 390 php. Chasiu with spicy marinade, chilli oil, spring onions, black fungus, and runny egg. Omnomnom. Miso-happy! ;)


Kap’s Uma Uma Ramen 360 php. Chasiu, spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso, egg. Kap is a heavy eater, but he was contented with this steaming bowl with lotsa fillings. The rich broth of this signature ramen is made from pork bones infused with konbu (dried sea kelp), and paired with thin Hakata-style ramen noodles.


My babyson’s Tonkotsu Ramen 390 php. With chasu bits, spring onion, sesame seeds, and egg. He initially wanted to order the house specialty like Kap, but knowing I like to take pictures of different things, my Babyson so kindly changed his order to this one. I’m such a lucky mommy to have considerate, supportive kids! <3


Happy kids, very very happy mommy! <3 Too bad I was so focused on the kids that I didn’t see the japanese chef & singaporean bartender photobombing huhu. Sayaaaang! Wasted opportunity, cut off their heads by accident!

I learned from the very friendly chef (who thought Kap was his kalahi, lol) that they will soon introduce Aligue Ramen. Hmmmnnn, sounds interesting. Parang may pusong pinoy itong si Chef Nakamura ah. What’s next, Balut Ramen & Adobo Ramen, dare I ask? ;)


Thank you so much Chef Nakamura for being such a great source of entertainment that night with your crazy antics haha. You were certainly a hit with the ladies in the room who asked to have selfies with you. ;) I love how the chef was not uptight at all & left his able sous chefs at the helm while he interacted with the guests. And it was soooo nice meeting you, Bernadine! <3 What a small world! I found out that Bernadine is a batch lower than my favorite wonder twins at ICA, and a batch higher than Ate’s arreneyer-slash-ICAN friends. Huwaw!

New year, definitely more new places to try. Happy New Year guys! <3 2016 was a great year for us, I hope that 2017 will be even better not just for the GOppets, but for all of you as well my dear readers. Wishing you a healthy, joyful, peaceful, and prosperous 2017. UMA-asa ako sa isang manigong bagong taon para sa ating lahat. (Yup, just had to go there hehe) Love you guys! :-*

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