UCC Revisited

So, after the brunch at the club yesterday, you would think ate & I would be full, right? WRONG! ;)) After some meetings & errands, we headed for UCC. We both wanted something sweet. I was in the mood for W-A-F-F-L-E-S! <3

We went to UCC in West Gate..

Just look at the lovely cake display.
Made us drool.
We got the Japanese Caramel Cake -to share. 185 php.
Bread display.
And coffee display. 
Made me wanna order a coffee-based Milk Tea.
UCC coffee version of my favorite SereniTea! ;P
Pearl Milk Coffee 120 php
But THIS.. this is what we really came for! <3
Mixed Berry Waffle!!! Yawza! 340 php
While this looked very interesting on the menu picture.
Didn’t look so hot in person though.
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich 280 php
Taste was so-so. Would have been a lot better served hot & in a panini maybe?

Had a lovely time with you, ate. As always! <3
Thank you for doing my errand rounds with me. Even though you had a TON of workload.
*dork mode!*

Oh food. Why do you have to tempt me so??? :'((

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