U.S. Visa Renewal

Was separated briefly from my brood yesterday… :((

Waving goodbye to me as they walked towards the U.S. Embassy to renew their visas :'(

My visa has a different expiration date from them since I’ve had mine forever it seems (when the U.S. Embassy still gave indefinite status)! :P And the kids got theirs the same time as their dad.

We parked at Museo Pambata so I have somewhere to hang while I waited for my family to come back. Would have opted  for starbucks teehee, but then they would all have to cross the big, scary, very busy street. So I settled for the museum since I haven’t been there yet anyway, and my Lavinia was gushing about her last visit. Decided to see if it for myself! :P

Hard to see them go… O.A. much??? ;)
Entrance is 100 php/person. Discounted for students & senior citizens
This is what you see as you enter the building.. a BUTANDING! :)
The hallway that separates the 2 rooms..
where you can find a spanish galleon..
and step into a mini cathedral
(Binondo church)

The 2nd room is the KALIKASAN, also relatively small, like the 1st one, but it was cool & much better than enduring the heat outside! :)

Simulated rainforest & coastal area

Further along the corridor is the 3rd room, I LOVE MY PLANET EARTH, where you can view exhibits on climate change & what you can do to help save our planet.

Up the stairs is a big room divided into: Career Options, My Body Works, the cute Pamilihang Bayan, and of course, the Gift Shop..

Career option.. but they featured mostly writers & illustrators..
Couldn’t resist having my picture taken in this..
It says: Ako ay ubod ng tapang. Hinahamon ko ang lahat!
Figured my kids will get a kick out of it! ;P
I have to say, among all the rooms, I found this the creepiest haha!
I just watched The Walking Dead, so I kept imagining zombies walking in every corner here!
Gave me the goosebumps!
Hey, I was ALL ALONE in that big creepy place!!! @_@
See? I’m telling you.. ZOMBIES!!! ;P

haha yep, you can actually hear a FART from that butt!!! ;))
This is the PAMILIHANG BAYAN part.
The stalls were so cute…

And this is the GIFT SHOP.
Cute Ballers! :)
Should have gotten one for my Lavinia! Only 40 php.

Frankly, you would have a better time at the Nido Science Discovery Center in MOA (mall of asia) at 250 php per person. But for 100 php, Museo Pambata is ok :) It’s just that there are more interactive & high-tech activities at the Nido center.

Finally, my brood was back! m/ but faces that greeted me were, let’s just say –drained & not too happy hehe! ;))

Turns out that after queueing under the glaring sun outside the embassy for quite some time to meet their scheduled appointment at 12 noon (yes, I don’t get the queueing part when you obviously have an appointment!), they were told to come back again because they didn’t meet the requirements!
Upon checking their passports, the embassy staff found my family’s “in-between” passports were missing, nyehehe! Why? Because the know-it-all-mother (yep, that’s me!) took out the “in-betweens” (the unneeded old passports in between the oldest & the newest, the ones with no visa stickers). In fairness, I only took them out because the passport build-up was getting too thick! :P And we did get to travel multiple times already without those needed bulk! :P

Yesterday was such an epic fail, haha! Too bad my babies had to be pulled out at a crucial time from their class (yes, this is an important week for them as it is their “HELL WEEK” –the week before exams & clearance with power-tripping teachers have to be strictly implemented!! @_@), only to find out that our day was for nothing.. and partly (or mainly ???) because of —ME!!! ;P

Just look at their tired faces! :))

But after a couple of these…

Pancit Canton 309 php

Aristocrat Chicken Honey 398 php, simply the best! <3
This is what we always get, foolproof.
Mommy Lucy Bibingka 65 php just outside aristocrat
Good, but Ferino’s is still the best I think. And Joni’s! <3
Special Halo-Halo 100 php
Their frowns turned from upside down into..

Happy smiles again, yippee!!! m/

My babies are such good sports! That’s why I just love them so much. And they are so forgiving of their dear old mother, mwahaha! :P

So yesterday wasn’t totally an epic fail, if only for this..

An impromptu SHOPPING SPREE!!! m/
Small bags, but BIG smiles! I’m glad! <3
Can’t believe how little 10k buys nowadays, OMG!
I thought Forever 21 was supposed to be affordable!!! @_@

Good luck on your next appointment guys. And yes, I’m not going anywhere near your passports.. promise!!! ;))

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