TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Finally! We were able to sneak off to Resorts World the other day (saturday) from my hunny bun to try TWG Tea Salon & Boutique. Except, it wasn’t operational yet. :P I asked my Lovey to check & she WAS 100% SURE it was already up & about. Hmmmnnnn. So we went to Greenbelt instead since by hook or by crook, I WILL HAVE MY TEA that day! ;))

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
Level 1, Greenbelt 5
Legaspi Village, Makati
Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday to Thursday); 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Friday to Saturday); 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Sunday)

Busy choosing from the extensive selections.
They serve 3 types: Brunch (11-3pm), All-day Dining, and High Tea (3-5pm).
And they’re very strict about the time too. So make sure you go there at the right time to be served the type of food you want.

Drool mode! <3
When I’m rich na I want to have a Tea Parlor that looks exactly like this! <3
okay but maybe not this much selection, haha! :P

Macarons. 50 php/piece.
Over 20 grand a pop! @_@
Sige, pag mayaman na ako! ;)
Ang mahal!!!! @_@ 

Rich interiors.
My 3 tea selections. Finally chose SAICHO tea (fruit & flower infused)
We tried 4 of the above. Died looking at the price haha. :P

My SAICHO tea. 
Our lovely (but oh-so-very SMALL) Wagyu Burger 570 php
Split 4 ways hehe. 
Up close & personal! <3

Scones 150 php/2pcs.
Normally I LOVE scones.
These are good. But I love the one in Manila Peninsula more.
Clotted cream & jelly.
Back Forest 220 php
Strawberry tart 180 php.
Perfect with tea! <3
My greatest regret.. Foie Gras Duck Terrine 875 php
Swear, I couldn’t swallow it. Sayang ang pera.
In my excitement I didn’t see the word “terrine” hehe.
I was thinking Fried Foie Gras huhuhu..
My babyson’s Lamb Stew 585 php.
No rice. :|
My Lovey’s Eggs Benedict 420 php
Personally, I think Bizu makes a far better Eggs Benedict.
Ate’s Beef Lasagna 380 php
and she licks her utensil clean hehe..
Siguro masarap! ;))
Wow. So beauty-queenly ate! @_@

At least I can say.. been there, done that! ;P The food was “steady lang” as ate would say. But the tea selection is fantabulous. So is the ambience. If you’re a heavy eater like us, come for brunch or high tea instead -I highly recommend it. Huwag lang lunch! :))

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