Tumblr Fair

If I am known as the Blogger Lady in our house, my Lovey is definitely the Tumblr Girl. She is as addicted to tumblr-in’ as I am to bloggin’. ;)

She’s been excited about the TUMBLR FAIR since last week & has been reminding me constantly about the event. So when her dad said that we were to go to pagsanjan today, she pulled all the aces under her sleeves (and tugged at mum’s heart strings) just so she can stay. Of course if she stays, I stay.
Which is good. Coz I really wasn’t up to getting all sticky & sweaty on a hot simmering day. As you well know, I’m not the rough-it-out gal.
I wanted to eat somewhere we haven’t tried yet, but my heart was really telling me NO. So heart won over mind. Omakase (again!) it is for our pre-mother’s day lunch date. We are such poster gals for omakase, they should give us our own table na & name some food after us! ;P
I was really curious about this tumblr fair, so we hurriedly ate our fill & headed on over to Pergola Mall in BF Paranaque. Ikr, why there of all places?! I had a nagging suspicion that it wasn’t going to be as big as my Lovey had hoped.
The event was really disappointing. There were just a handful of stalls & my lovey didn’t see any popular tumblr bloggers. It looked like any tiangge in Ruins & most of the stuff for sale were crudely hand made. Maybe fun starts at night time. There’s no way I’m going back there at all though. SUPER INIT!
Handmade celphone cases.
If she’s happy, who am I to argue? ;P 
These.. these floral crowns are what we came for. Hayz. 
Di bale. She’s happy. Momma’s happy! <3
Crowns 195 php. Tawadable to 150 php! :P
By @ownitshop! Call dibs on these beautiful flower crowns for a very affordable price! See you at 2F Pergola Mall, Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque City on May 11, 2013! We are booth 17!
But at least my Lovey was content with her loot.. it seems these floral crowns are very “in” sa tumblr world! :) Most stalls were selling these flower mala-diyosa accessories.
I was about to faint in the heat after barely 10 minutes of sweeping the place, so we decided to cool off in our favorite mall instead (NOT PERGOLA!). We are after all mall rats! :)
Got this for our mother’s day celebration at home tomorrow. My mom is coming over for lunch & she’s “allergic” to eating out (spending) so we’ll just have a simple celebration at home. Home after all, is where the heart is, right? Happy mother’s day to all you wonderful moms out there! :-*
Caramel Cake by Caramia 595 php
I was craving for Estrel’s but WE KNOW how hard that will be! Daming kaartehan. :P
Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be as good, or even better.
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