Triple the Love

I’ve always been a dog lover. I’ve had a string of pets for as long as I can remember. I loved them all equally, and my heart broke each time they left the earth. It would take some time before I fully recovered after the passing of each of my loves. One by one, they took a small part of my heart with them as they left. But this Jela, my most recent pet, really occupies a big chunk of my heart. <3 She’s soooo affectionate & sticks to me & the kids like glue.

She always lays her head on somebody’s part of the body. She likes close contact with the people she loves. She is also very friendly with the people who come to visit & loves being the center of attention. And she hardly barks. I think we’ve heard her bark just once or twice in her lifetime!

Even when I shower, she would sit by my door & wait for me to finish. When going up the stairs, she would always wait for me & go up alongside me. If I stop, she also stops & looks at me with eyes that says “wassup mommah?” When the kids come through the door after a day out, she would wait until she sees my face, and would greet me eagerly as if she hasn’t seen me for the longest time even if I was just away for a couple of hours. When I’m blogging & seated on my “writing” couch, she would sit close by me, and would only transfer to the bed when I also transfer. She keeps me company all day err’day when the kids are away in school & keeps me from being lonely & sad. She also likes to huddle in between me & Kap when we have our afternoon delights siesta.

This was taken a week before she gave birth. SHe was always jolly & frisky, looking at her you’d never know she was having a hard time with her pregnancy.

Yes, she farts a lot, snores ever so loudly.. and drools a ton. But she loves me so, and I love her too. Very much. I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but this Jela really makes my heart smile & sing at the same time. One amazing thing about her is she’s HIGHLY intelligent. She knows my alarm for picking up the kids! I swear, whenever Barney’s “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family” sings on my phone, she would get up from wherever she is or whatever she’s doing & make a mad dash for the door coz she knows it’s pick up time. She’s crazy cute! <3

Kap & the kids, they’ve been bugging me for puppies. I really didn’t want, but finally caved in when I was outnumbered. From the very start, I was against it coz I no longer see Jela as a pet but as a human child, so to think that she will endure pain made me fearful. But then again, the head of the house has spoken, what am I to do? @_@

The time has come for her to give birth. I was the one most nervous & scared with sleepless nights. I had 2 pets give birth before, one via cesarean section & none turned out well. ALL the puppies died one after the other for reasons unknown. Two saturdays ago, we finally brought her to her vet for a C-section. It’s very rare for bulldogs to have a normal delivery because they have such huge heads. Our vet tried but ended up cutting her open late that night because her labor didn’t progress & she was already in distress..


I couldn’t stand seeing her like this, but I had to be there so she knows her mommah didn’t abandon her. I made sure she heard my voice so she wouldn’t be so scared.

My sweetheart had 4 puppies. 1 was grotesquely abnormal so we had to let it go. I say “it” because the puppy didn’t come with a sex so we couldn’t tell if it was a girl or a boy. It lived for only a few minutes. These are Jack & Jill. Jack (right) has a brown marking on his left face, while Jill (left) on her right face, just like my Lelly. <3 But they were born with defects. They have club feet. So we don’t know if they will be able to walk. The vet asked us if we wanted them put down. I said we will love the puppies as they are. We, as a family, decided to give the puppies a fighting chance. If they are meant to be alive, they will thrive. Either way, they have our unconditional love.

This little guy is Hill (I know their names should all start with the same letter of we register them in PCCI but “Jack, Jill, went up the Hill”.. c’mon guys, I couldn’t resist! :P) He also has a birth defect, his head is abnormally big & his features different from his siblings’.

The kids seem to have fallen in love with the puppies immediately though. So.. I believe in the power of love. What will be will be.

Ate is carrying Jack. <3

Kuya is carrying Hill <3

And my Lovey is carrying Jill. <3

At first, because of the trauma & probably the pain of a C-section & hysterectomy, Jela was indifferent to the puppies. But before we left the next day when we visited her, she was sniffing them & giving them a chance at least. I hope she has more milk for the puppies. They were initially bottle-fed.


Bad news kept hitting me one after the other that night. Her vet found a big mass of tumor in one of her ovaries. The other one was taken out but this one was too big & deeply rooted within to be cut away. For short, my lovable Jela has cancer. :'(( For now, we are concentrating on her immediate recovery so we can take the next necessary steps such as chemo & medication.


Today is November 11.. 11/11. It’s wishing time. Please, help me storm heaven’s gate so that my Jela will be well. I’m done with all these heartaches. I know I keep saying that but this time, I really don’t think I can bear to have another pet after Jela. I really can’t anymore, It’s just too painful.


In all of these circumstances, I would like to thank her vet, Dr. CANDICE SOLIS of SUNSHINE DOG & CAT CLINIC for taking such good care of my Jela. And for being so patient with Jela’s parents who kept calling her all hours of the day. We were opposed on bringing Jela to a big clinic from the start because we know she wouldn’t get special attention, and that she would be caged -she’s not used to that. At Doctor Candice’s clinic, she was treated like royalty & never left alone. She even slept in Doc C’s room after her operation for close monitoring. Doc Candice also makes house calls so do give her a call 27/7. For the complete care package (overnight board & lodging, C-section, hysterectomy, anesthesia, dog food & immediate meds, puppy board & lodging, she only charged me 8k. I asked around one clinic in the same vicinity charged 18k, another 15k. So her bill was very reasonable. The care she has given superb.)


Sunshine Dog and Cat Clinic

21-I J. Elizalde St, BF Homes, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

Phone Number: (02)359-24-54

Mobile Number: 0917-3568560

Email: cps_candice@yahoo.com

The clinic is relatively small, and Doc Candice is the only vet around. But what makes it a plus point for us is we are assured of hands-on service. And the doctor lives upstairs, so we were guaranteed of round-the-clock care. Also, Jela didn’t have to compete with a host of other dogs for attention.


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