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Triple Sushi Date

The acronym KTG means a whole different thing altogether for these peeps in the car with me.. KALADKARIN TALAGA GANG! ;)) At the drop of a hat, at a moment’s notice, kaladkarin talaga sila -they are game to go anywhere with me. Which makes it so fun because all our trips so far have been spontaneous. The rest, they’d say “YES’ in the beginning, but one by one when the clock strikes 12, you’d see them heading for the door like Cinderella, saying a quick goodbye. These peeps though, walang tulugan talaga.. at walang iwanan! ;))

Being such bottomless pits, they are always G to go someplace else after events. And they are such a happy bunch, I always get kabag after being with them for some time. Just look at our epic failure of a SELF-WE in the car! :P





My gosh! Wala akong nakuhang matinong picture even after 3 attempts! :P After our cocktails at Sage Tapas Bar, we didn’t want to end the night yet so we coasted Pasay Road for an open restaurant at past midnight. Richard suggested NIHONBASHITEI and I happily agreed because I am always on the prowl for good sushi! <3


Nihonbashi Tei

806 Arnaiz Ave. San Lorenzo, Pasay Road Makati
(02) 818-8893


Picture 7


We got several orders of the very affordable sushi assortment, Nigiri Sushi Mori 350 php


And several orders of their Special Yaki Gyoza 180 php. A little burnt though.. okay, A LOT burnt.


Chicken Teriyaki. I don’t know if it was because the cooks were tired that night because it was past midnight, but most of our food were burnt boohoo!



Even this Pot Belly Rice Bowl 225 php didn’t look appetizing at all. Which is a shame because the last time Kap & I ate here we were quite happy.


Click HERE to read my previous post on NIHONBASHITEI.



But the happy company made up for it. :)


These people have been getting me out of the house. Whereas I was a recluse before, just happily going out with the fambam, now, I’m a social butterfly all of a sudden with my calendar full! <3 Thank you RICHARD & KATHI for all the invites coming my way. I love KTG. Both the Kain-Tulog part as well as the Kaladkarin Talaga part. ;)) Thank you for taking me in as your own! :-*



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