Trick or Treat!

First off, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ivy!!! :-* Yes, it’s her birthday today. Trick or Treat!!! ;)) Ivy is one mommy friend I am really proud of, and happy to have. I know your day will be just FUN-tastic!!! After all, how many people have holidays for their birthdays!!! ;)

Although we don’t celebrate halloween, and it is against our belief, we do keep up in the spirit of fun. It’s more of a costume day for us.. no ghouls & ghosts, just plain dress-up day.

Here are some photo-worthy decors of a few neighbors who really put time, money & effort into sprucing up their front yards this year! :) Every year, it seems like fewer and fewer houses are putting up decors & giving away candies. The economy is really bad this year, I’m guessing…

 And here’s how our candy-hunting day went..

Boarding my carriage! ;))
The King & Queen of hearts, complete with a deck of cards hanging from our carriage! <3
Trick or Treat!

With another couple who were also “game” & in costume! ;)
and another..
The pink guy is supposed to be Patrick the Starfish!
The yellow guy is supposed to be spongebob! ;)
Exhausted! On our way home! :P
Our combined MEASLY loot, hahaha! :P
Oh well, we go around for the fun of it naman. Not really for the candies.
It’s a tradition I hope we get to continue with the kids even when they’re all grown up.

Trick or Treat, everyone! ;)

PS- I have several updates on celebrity homes, thanks to my wonderful friends who helped me stalk for the sake of my blog, hahaha! m/ Click here if you want to visit.

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