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Trick or Treat. Belle-BOO at The Bellevue!

That fun & crazy time of the year I’ve been looking forward to just passed by in a haze. Time when little kids (and not-so-little-ones) get their gear on, costume up & go Trick or Treat -ing! Next to Christmas, Halloween is the most fun event for me because I LOVE to dress up & party. Old news for you guys who have gotten to know me well through this blog.

But I was especially excited this time around, because my cutie-patootie nephew LOVES Lego, and THAT was the theme for this year’s BELLE BOO! at The Bellevue Hotel, Manila. It’s BLOCK-n-ROLL baby! And lemme tell you, THE BELLEVUE HOTEL, MANILA gives the BEST parties. Just look at the photos below. So fun in fact that my nephew is already asking if he can go again NEXT year! ;)

Belle-Boo’s BLOCK & ROLL!

So many games & prizes were given away. For a minimal fee of 1,000.00 php/person, kids & their parents got FUN & FOOD. Plus lots of prizes & giveaways! Saan ka pa? ;)



This little guy certainly knows how to ham it up for the camera! <3

PicMonkey Collage


Stormtrooper & Darth Vader. The lobby was crawling with costumed little kids & giant mascots. And you know how kids LOVE mascots. \m/ They went WILD!


Can you spot Tales from the Tummy and Rina’s Rainbow? ;) I believe they also released the inner kids in them as they joined in on the fun.


I loved this little Poison Ivy’s costume. I’ve always been more partial to the Villains myself. ;) Mas may alat diba?


I spy with my little eye another mascot. That’s 3 I’ve seen so far.


Spotted the lego character host FRANCIS DAY.



The Bellevue Hotel, Manila really knows how to partey & went all out with the decor for this year’s Belle-Boo at The Bellevue! Boys, AND girls, enjoyed this trick & treat galore which was picturesque at every turn.




Lazer Extreme was on board. I’m telling you, kids were deliriously happy with this halloween party!


Needless to say, this GIANT SLIDE was also a HIT! Not only with kids mind you, but adults also lined up to get a taste of this semi-vertical slide. Whoooosh!



This festive party setup actually reminds me when my kids were much younger. We would always go to such fun parties. I think I’m missing it more actually. They seem to have moved on pretty quickly if you ask me.



Fun snacks were provided. Kids normally forget the food when at parties, concentrating more on the entertainment & games. So the thoughtful people from Bellevue Hotel (who must be parents themselves) concocted super fun finger food that the kids surely & attacked with glee.




Parents were actually hoarding this. The cuteness level just spiked up.

The party scene:






None other than Manila’s favorite magician, LOU HILARIO, graced the halloween party at the Belle-Boo! Kids were visibly impressed as he came out on stage.






And what is a party without the loot bags. At Bellevue Hotel Manila, they thought of EVERYTHING! <3 Too bad only the kids got these goodies. Boo!



The prizes were nothing to be scoffed at either.

Tickets ran out really fast first week of October, so make sure you get yours early next year to guarantee extra fun & treats for your kids. I know one little boy who would be happy again for sure next halloween. ;)


The best news for people who checked in for that weekend, ENTRANCE WAS FREE for 2 pax! (Kids 2 years old & below got to go for free) \m/ And complimentary breakfast for 2  included as well. So it’s like you only paid 1/3 of the price really.


Thank you THE BELLEVUE HOTELS & RESORTS for always coming up with such fun parties & events. <3 Can’t wait for next year’s Halloween party! However will you top this, Bellevue???


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