Trick or Treat!

Halloween this year is a bit sad.. The Lhuilliers decided not to have a costume party. Boo. But of course I didn’t let that dampen my spirit -much! :P As they say, the show must go on.

This year, the family’s peg is Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Of course you already know who the Snow White is! Although there is a copycat wannabe in my midst…

Ate was also Snow White for her P.E. Dance class :)
We are really twinnies! <3

Okay fine,  I know she’s the prettier, sexier, fairer (?) Snow White! ;)) But like the evil queen, I banished her to be a dwarf today so all the glory falls on me this halloween teehee!

With my prince charming, pesky pet haha, and 3 dwarfs.. Doc <3, Grumpy <3 & Dopey <3!
Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho!
It’s off to work they go! :)

I tried to buy dwarf shirts online but I couldn’t find individual dwarf prints. So I asked ate to make me dwarf shirts instead. And lookee! She did not disappoint! m/

Thank you ate! <3
I’m so mesmerized by your boundless talent! :-*

I did find dopey ears online though! Although it’s sorta painful when you wear it so I think we’ll just use if for pictorial purposes only.

Here are some picture I caught while we went around the village in our “carriage”! ;P

Goodbye my pink golf cart, I shall miss you! :'((
My honey sold her again from under my nose huhu!
It’s so perfect pa naman for my family of 6!  >:(

Some very generous neighbors gave away dirty ice cream! :)
They get the long lines haha.
Outside the Buensalida mansion.
With Angela as a Headless person.
I just LOVE ’em to bits! <3
Bumped into friends Tasha & Isabella..
Trick or Treated at the lovely Ambrays! <3
The Lees
Bumped into Marty the Little Indian! ;)
A bunch of grapes! Ate’s favorite fruit.. how cute! <3
A mustang.. my babyson’s dream car hehe.
With Chari, Mariles & family who gave away the nicest lootbags & harry potter wands! m/ 
Bumped into her friend Ashley! <3 

Our village with a sea of cars! ;))

And some from ate Marita’s halloween party as well..

My kuya Rolly channeling the Phantom of the Opera! ;)
I. WANT. THIS. TUB!!! <3 
Ate Marita got a caterer for her halloween party.
You might want to try it out.. 250 inclusive of tables.
Great deal, right?? m/
Actually it’s 325/pax for the 4 meal choices below, but since ate is a valued customer, she got a HUGE discount.
Apperetif 09162228324. Ask for Malou 
Chicken Adobo 
Roast Beef
My hungry loves! <3
Ate added these to the buffet, her own recipe.. YUM! 
Chopped BBQ chicken salad
Prawn Tempura
Spicy baked salmon
Assorted kakanin. 
With Jasmin as tinkerbell. <3

Thank you, family, for going along with my craziness. :)) A lot of people have been commenting on what a trouper my honey pie is for donning a prince charming costume. IKR, I’m soooooo spoiled! <3

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