Traveling Elephants

Just like elephants, my family travels in a herd. We are always together, so it makes sense to only have 1-2 big luggages to carry all our our things. Besides, Kap always nags us to travel light so I never thought of buying individual luggage. #labolabonalang

Here comes ate’s pending fieldtrip, or what I’d rather call her “sun trip” coz it’s in a forsaken sunny beach -far, far, FAR away to collect undersea specimens for her class! :P

The lovely girls with the very dead mr. Squidward! @_@

Last week, I started combing the stores for a lightweight travel bag for my princess. Ate has set her eyes on this set of luggage at BRAT PACK..

Saxoline trolleys, available in 3 sizes: 5490 php, 6490 php, 7490 php
I was however, worried that it might be too bulky. She’s just riding a bus so she might have a hard time loading & unloading it. So I opted to get her a lightweight, collapsible, canvass trolley instead. I’ll just buy her the luggage she wants when she has mommy or daddy to help her lug it around! :P
I got her the one on the right instead. EASTPACK from U.K. at 7.8k
Not as cute, but it’s still girlie & more importantly, lightweight and easy to handle on her own.

SPINS S Blakout Purple

Luggage information
  • U-zip opening for easy packing
  • Big zippered front pocket
  • Quick access zippered side pocket
  • Tuck-away telescopic handle
  • Small zippered pocket on the inside
  • Carry handles long enough to use as back straps
  • Top grip handle
  • Kissing sliders and locking ring
  • Can stand up
35 cm
55 cm
20 cm
32 l
30 years

How do I love thee ate, let me count the ways! I will pack for you & follow you to the ends of the earth if you wish me to! ;)


And because she is so pihikan with her food now & is very careful with what she eats, I got her an IGLOO picnic bag (750 php) & brought her to HEALTHY OPTIONS so she can have emergency food to snack on for the long trip ahead, just in case..

Igloo picnic insulated bag for all her snacks. 750 php.
And containers to house the apples, wheat bread, palaman, cookies, and chips she bought from HEALTHY OPTIONS.
And because no trip is complete without us pigging out before heading home, we indulged our tastes with PF Chang’s yummy goodness..
We didn’t avail of this though because the food my girls wanted weren’t included on the set menu.
But if you’re looking for some savings, then this is definitely one good deal! m/
Crispy Honey Shrimp 475 php
Kung Pao Chicken 395 php
Stir Fry Eggplant 175 php
And whadya know, CHILI’s has a promo too, which we found out as we had our dee-lightful dessert!
Now there’s more reason to go to town! m/
My very patient Lovey who helped lug the packages around.
Thank you sweetheart for always coming with me in running my errands! I love you! :-*

I may be out of coverage area for the rest of the weekend. So I’m saying goodbye to the blogosphere for the time being. I’ll get back to you again next week!!  I’ll still be on Instagram though. So if you haven’t added me there yet, please do add me now. Love you guys!! <3 AND PLEASE WISH ME LUCK. SERIOUSLY! :|

Remember. Add me as SUGAR_N_SPICE_88.
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Please don’t confuse the 2 haha.
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