Travel Essentials

When you’re traveling with kids, it’s important that you are equipped with a “survival kit” :P Trust me, it makes life so much easier!

Kap always tells me to travel light & checks our baggage for “unnecessary items” after I have packed (to take out), but I manage to sneak them back in & change the lock combination hehe, and he’s always ALWAYS thankful in the end when the need arises and I come through for him & the kids. :P

Now, we have an agreement. I pack going to our destination & he packs coming back. By then, I don’t care where he puts our stuff since they’ve done their purpose anyway.

Packing is a B-I-T-C-H!
My travel essentials:

1) Foldable hamper. When you’re staying for more than a day, it’s best to have a hamper to keep all the dirty (used) or wet clothes. SM has so many wonderful useful things. The kids used to always ask “Mommy where do I put my dirty clothes?” They would just throw everything on the floor leaving me to pick up after them. I finally wisend up & bought a foldable hamper & I keep it in the bathroom where we stay so their dirty clothes automatically goes there. No questions asked. And when packing time comes, I am able to sort our all soiled clothes in 1 bag, and the rest of the clean clothes in another. Do remember to bring a big plastic bag for all the wet clothes/recently washed underwear.

Folds flat. You barely know it’s there.

2) Quick dry towels. I never know where my Kap books us, sometimes when he’s feeling cheap, it’s a low-end resort with little or no essentials. So regardless, I bring at least 5 towels, 1 for each of us. On our last trip, only 2 towels were provided (unchanged for the ENTIRE duration of our 4 days 3 nights stay!) so I was a hero, of course! :P

Olympic World has Dry Lite Microfiber towels that ranges from 500 php – 1k depending on the size.
Not bulky at all & dries fast too! m/

3) Shower Kit. Kap is always annoyed with my travel kit coz he says it’s bulky. I use a samsonite hanging toiletry kit with compartments for all our bathroom needs. I just hang it & voila, we’re good to go! Before, he likes to separate everything & just throw things in the bag where there’s space. I would sneak at night & organize everything back in my pack & burrow it deep within our luggage so he doesn’t notice. He finally gave up and let me be. Boys! @_@

Again, SM has so many wonderful (& inexpensive) things for your travel needs.
What’s in my shower kit: shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorants (plural), earbuds, foldable toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kit, lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, mosquito repellent (very important), wide-toothed comb, powder, alcohol & antiseptic (you never know when kids get a gash), caladryl lotion, baby powder, toilet paper – I take out the rim so it’s not as bulky & you can squish it in (how sucky would it be when you’re sitting there only to find out you’ve run out of toilet paper!), Facial tissue, Nail cutter & small army knife, Whisper overnight pads. (Everything is in travel size. We’re 5 in the family so we usually use up a small-medium tube when we travel)
Ate discovered this for my babyson when we went supply shopping.
He has a nasty burn & the ALOE VERA component in this moisturizer helped a lot.
I normally pack the face (8th), hair & scalp (3rd), and the max 75++ (2nd) sun screens.
My kids find these super hapdi though, especially just coming in from the beach & re-applying.
Please, can you recommend a tried & tested sunscreen that doesn’t burn when re-applied???

I find it’s best & more sanitary when you get the foldable ones to keep bristles from touching one another when you have more than 1 to pack.
I cannot stress how important it is to pack these when traveling with kids!
Most drugstores have a complete pack, ask for it.
and also this! Dengue alert!!!
4) Medicine Kit. I never leave home without it, even if we’re just going to the mall. I have a pouch where I keep all my supplies, 1 banig per item.. Tempra/Biogesic (for fever), Decolgen/Neozep (for colds), Mucosolvan (for coughs), Celestamine (for allergies – very important!, also for itchy throat), Lomotil (for LBM), Ponstan (for pain), Zithromax (antibiotics, given with utmost caution & only as urgently needed), Alaxan (for muscle relaxant & cramps), Hydrite tablet (water soluble for oral rehydration), band-aids in all sizes, Diprolene cream (for itchy, pesky mosquito bites), Terramycin ointment (for wounds & gashes), Burn ointment (you ever know!), Kremil-S for stomach upset (coz we always eat a lot!), Buscopan (gas pain), Plasil (for anti-emetic), Bonamine (for queasiness/car & sea sickness). Plus all my maintenance meds & asthma inhaler.
Always TAKE PRECAUTIONS when ingesting medicines. Only take when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
No matter how colorful, shiny, or pretty they may be!!! :)
It’s advisable to get the waterproof ones if you’re spending your days on the beach or anywhere water-related.

5) Rubber slippers. Always. They can use it in the shower if the bathroom is dirty, they can use it outdoors when shoes just gets too uncomfortable, AND indoors as well.

6) Plastic rotating hangers. For drying wet clothes/underwear.
SM. They’ve got it all for you! :)

7) Airbed & pump, 3 sets of bedsheets (for my 3 kids). Hotels/resorts only provide beds for maximum of 4 persons. We’re 5. An airbed is a necessity since Kap only gets 1 room! :P I bring extra sheets too coz sometimes the accomodation he gets is questionable, so I put a sheet over the kids’ beds, or sometimes it’s too cold at night so they have an extra blanket at least.

Believe me, this air bed has saved my Kap plenty of big bucks!
Minimum fee for an extra bed per night is 1k php.

8) Food & Water. I bring small packs of biscuits & chips for when the kids get hungry at night or in between meals. Or just when the need for munchies attack. A big bottle of water too is handy especially at night when there’s no room service & you’re sahara dessert thirsty.

I brought the middle container to our travel on to boat & to the beach & it helped keep the kids hydrated.
Kap & I would take turn replenishing it now & then with ice cold water & force the kids to take sips in between their fun in the sun.

9) Extra set of clothes & sweater. I always bring at least a day’s worth of extra clothes. If we’re staying for 5 days, I nag the kids to give me extra 1-2 days worth of clothes coz they sweat a lot & sometimes “accidents” happen. So it’s best to be prepared. That, or you can shop for a new wardrobe if the need arises! :P I also insist that they bring a sweater each even though we’re just going to a place with tropical climate. Sometimes the air-conditioning unit gets too cold at night.

10) and lastly, we pack everything in an expandable/foldable luggage. And we bring an extra, for when the kids decide to buy something on our trips (but this is only mostly for travel abroad). Foldable is good when you’ve used up packed consumables, you can just fold up one bag & keep in it the other. See? I do have some packing sense! ;))

I know, I know, traveling with me ain’t easy. I’m a DIVA. But hey, I always come through. Always! ;)

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