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Tramway Bayview Buffet

Kap never ceases to amaze me on his finds. One day, out of the blue, he said he was taking me out on a lunch date because he found a resto along Roxas blvd. that served buffet for only 250 php. At! Naka-long pants pa sya hehe which is RARE! :P

I really REALLY just wanted to stay home coz I had so many drafts lined up for the christmas blogs on sponsors that I had to tweak. But hey, it’s once in a blue moon that he initiates a date so I put everything on hold & we went to TRAMWAY for our lunch date.

I was surprised to see a lot of offerings on the buffet tables. Coz like honestly, you would think at 250 php you would be lucky to get 3 viands (isaw, betamax, tenga.. lol-JK!). I so wasn’t looking forward to our lunch (I was to our day together just not lunch itself). But I took notice when I saw the food laid out on not 1 but 3 long tables + a noodle station.

1st long table which had all the hot dishes & main courses.

2nd long table which had the sushi, salad, & desserts.

In furrness my sushi master, lels! :P

The 3rd long table which had the soup, dimsum & more dessert choices.

The make-your-own Noodle Station.

I asked if I can order soda. Kap said: Baka dun sila bumawi 250 isa tanungin mo muna! No. it was 40 php/can hehe. So we got 2. Hurrah? ;))

Si Kap, my Kap! <3 Masaya siya diba?

Admittedly, I cannot compare what they have to first class buffets. In all honesty, for 250 php, what they serve is actually pretty good. Great for office/christmas parties too if you’re on a budget & you don’t mind fighting for food at the buffet. They accept table reservations. Maybe you just have to go at non-peak time hours to avoid the hungry crowd.

I was pretty happy with my all time favorite, the sweet & sour pork. And the yang chow was surprisingly good. Also the chicken. I was contented with those 3 alone. On the downside, there were a LOT of people & they were not the behaved type, if you get my drift. So I pretty much stayed out of their way after 1 serving. People came in non-stop. It’s a good thing we got there early at around 11:30 a.m. But the time we left it was pandemonium! @_@

Another thing, this message kept repeating in a loop that I practically memorized their “warning”: Please refrain from getting food for the whole group/table so you won’t get charged extra. No Leftovers policy is strictly implemented”. May ganun talaga, paulit-ulit? #jiritajackson

Spotted: A wedding reception. Pretty smart & convenient, really. ;) I wanted a photo op with the cute couple. Kaso nilayasan ako ni Kap when I told him of my intention teehee. Oh well..

Hay naku Kap my Kap, siguro ang dami mo nang hidden wealth noh saksakan ka ng kuripot utang na loob. Ano ito back to high school ang budget? What I do for love!! Pasalamat ka talaga ang bait bait ko at super pasensyahin. Papayat ako sa ginagawa mo ha!!!

Disadvantage of having a kunat husband:

No eating at nice restos, no shopping sprees = no extra pocket money! Buti nalang nandiyan si mommy! ;))

Advantage of having a kunat husband:

No flashy cars, no flashy wardrobe = no landi girls on the side!

Sige na nga, ok na ako sa makunat! ;P

And so, I dedicate this song to you! Because with just a look & a smile from you, I’m hypnotized into following you to the ends of the earth. #jejeje

Self-service lahat. Pati picture taking! :P

Oh Babe, isang tingin mo lang 
Para na kong tinutunaw 
Pag ika’y lumapit na 
Ang dibdib ko’y puro kaba 

Oh babe, isang halik mo lang 
Ang mundo ko’y nagugunaw 
Pag ako’y niyakap mo 
Kalas lahat ang buto ko 

Oh Babe ako ay talagang patay sa’yo
Sa true love mo ako mahihimlay
Babe, ano nga bang tunay na sikreto mo
At ako ay nabihad mo ng husto

Oh babe isang ngiti mo lang
Pawi na ang aking uhaw
H’wag ka lamang tatawa
Baka ako’y malunod na

You want more? Click HERE to hear it! ;)) Yikes. Tumindig talaga ang balahibo ko hahaha! ;P

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