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Tous Le Jours Korean Bakery

When I was asked if I wanted to experience a cake decorating session at the famous French-Asian Bakery in South Korea, Tous Les Jours (pronounced: tu-le-ju, which means ‘everyday’), I have to admit that I thought long & hard. First of all -and as you well know, I am not a baker. Secondly, I am not crafty to even attempt at decorating one! So to spruce up a cake, I was like.. SAY WHAAAAT?

But then, the date coincided with my almost birthday. And what better gift to receive than a cake lovingly made by people dearest & closest to my heart. <3 And so, with my mom & Lovey in tow, we gamely took on the challenge! We are female warriors, and warriors never back down from a challenge, lol.

My mom is a medical doctor & educator by profession. In all my life I have never seen her domesticated -like don an apron, or step inside a kitchen to cook or bake. So this was actually a pretty good idea, something for the books. \m/ This I REALLY had to see, trololol!

Since this would be my mom’s first time to decorate a cake, I had to pair her up with someone knowledgeable in the kitchen so my cake doesn’t come out goofy. And no, that person is definitely NOT me. In the GOppets household, it is only my Lovey who has a remote interest in whipping up food. So the vote was unanimous, it was a lola/granddaughter team for the cake decorating event, yahoo! ;)

Aside from the branch in ATC which we frequent & patronize for the softest & tastiest Premium Pan Bread, Tous Les Jours recently opened another branch at the upper ground floor of SM Southmall. I was curious, so we set up our little activity there.

Tous les Jours

UG/F SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapoted Rd., Almanza Uno, Las Piñas (02) 621-0637
Website: www.tlj.ph


While waiting for the cake decorating counter to be set up, we indulged in some Tous Les Jours favorites. Pasalubong for the giblings!



Since December 2011, Tous Les Jours has been supplying us Pinoys with fresh, delectable breads, cakes, and pastries. I love their soft premium pan bread & we really have a steady supply at home for breakfast, meryenda, or any time in between.



What’s in the box, our pasalubong for the giblings who were in school & couldn’t join us. Boo. CHOCOLATE LANGUE DE CHAT BUN P68.00 | SAUSAGE LEAF BREAD P98.00 | CORN CREAM BREAD P38.00 | MINI CROISSANT P128.00



I was wondering which cake we’d make. Aha! Strawberry, one of my favorites. And we’re off to a good start! :)



Chef Kelly was so nice to teach us the basics of cake decorating. Since my 2 Baes were making me a birthday cake, Chef Kelly decided on a Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake 498.00 So feminine & delicate. But remember, roses have thorns. Just like me. HAHAHAHAHA! :P



Chef Kelly proceeded to make one for the ladies to follow. (Start clockwise from the leftmost)



Tada, looks easy right? Pinagpawisan kaya ang mag-lola ko! ;P



And now it’s their turn. As you can see, my Lovey did most of the work hehe. But my mom was game to cheer her on & even tried sprinkling the red stuff at one point.



Prettiest cake I’ve laid my eyes on. It’s the perfect imperfections that make it unique, afterall. And coming from my mom & daughter, what’s not to love, right? YUM! <3 Ay, ano ba yan, color-coordinated pa pala kami, I’m just noticing now haha. Goes to prove we’ve been hanging out with each other too much, lol.



To make it personalized, Chef Kelly adds heart-shaped cookies with short messages. Do ask the Tous Les Jours staff how you too can have your cake purchases personalized.



VOILA! Soooo beautiful. Fresh Cream Cakes are my favorites in Tous Le Jours, so it was my lucky day that Chef Kelly chose this particular type for my birthday cake! \m/ CLICK HERE to see the other assortments available in stores.



A very happy Ms. Piggy. Oink! <3 Thank you Tous Les Jours for this wonderful bonding experience. And my bee-yoo-tiful cake too! :-*



Too bad the cake decorating session is only for select bloggers for the time-being. How wonderful if they can make this a regular thing for mother & daughters to bond & learn. Pleeeease Tous les Jours? Won’t you reconsideeeer? :) Also with us, aside from Chef Kelly, is the pretty & petite Marketing Supervisor ZIFFANY RIENNE DARVIN who sent me the invite (so now you know who to contact hahaha!). <3



Bread, bread, and more bread in all shapes, sizes, and flavors! Yummy in my tummy.



Tous Les Jours MACARON DE PARIS are very affordable at only P28.00 as opposed to say, the more upscale Bizu or Laduree. My girls LOVE macarons & this version keeps them satiated & happy when a craving hits.



I find the cream cakes at Tous Les Jours light & fluffy. With pretty details too. Perfect gift for any occasion, wouldn’t you say?



Omnomnom! Too pretty to eat, but of course I went ahead & had a slice (or 2)! :P Birthday cakes, after all, are meant to be eaten & shared with the people you love. <3

Too busy to do your shopping? Tous les Jours Philippines has a delivery service provider. Just go to –> www.Kanguru.com.ph/ which is limited to the Taguig & Makati area for now. CLICK HERE to find the stores nearest you.

At syempre, hindi lang ang celebrant ang dapat may regalo

PicMonkey Collage4

My gift may not be as grand as the ones my mom has given me through the years, but it’s the thought that counts naman right? Comfy Crocs footwear for her daily ganap. I love you Mom, happy birthday to US. :-* Tous Les Jours is a few doors away from Crocs in SM Southmall, in case you’re wondering where its located. 

Thank you so much my darling Jena for doing this activity with Amah Love, and being such a trooper. I love you baby girl! :-* And thank too, Tous Les Jours, Ziffany, and Chef Kelly for such a sweet & delectable afternoon. One that I’ll surely remember for a lifetime! :)

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