Too Close for Comfort

There’s this guy who has been my hairdresser for the longest time. I may go to another hairdresser from time to time when he is in limbo transferring from one salon to the next when he doesn’t get along with his boss (which is often -and now I know why!), but I always go back to him no matter what. He IS good, never doubt that. However, this time, I think I may just say goodbye for the last time. PROMISE!

I got his services for ate’s debut the last night. We booked a room at Manila Pen & we were having our hair & make-up done there. We agreed we would start at 1 PM since the event starts at 6 & he had to take care of us 3 ladies. He arrived at 2:30. I let it pass since I was having trouble with Front Desk & was waiting to be transferred to a nicer & bigger room.

He is admittedly good, great even, at his job.
But I simply cannot let this pass.
This time he really crossed the boundaries of friendship!

As soon as we got to our room, he tore open one of the bags that contained a set of slippers & changed into that. Without permission. Then, he & his alalay lay on OUR bed & took pictures of themselves while giggling like silly old farts. I was in no mood to humor him at this point because of the check-in fiasco I just encountered. I went directly to the bathroom to take a quick shower so he can fix me up first & I can do my business downstairs at Salon De Ning while my 2 precious girls were dolling up.

I left him & his alalay with a HUGE box of pizza & some ensaymada as well as drinks. Since he said basta maghanda ako ng maraming lafang! As he was putting on my make-up, he said he was also gonna take a shower before he leaves. I SERIOUSLY thought he was kidding so I didn’t mind him. I mean, why would he, right?! And, HELLO???

After paying him ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about him anymore & concentrate on other things, I hurriedly went down to SDN to take care of business & have everything perfect for my pretty debutant.

As I went back upstairs after the program to rest for a while, I saw drink bottles littered everywhere in the living room & bedroom. The BIRTHDAY CAKE I asked from the Front Desk for my ate was sliced & eaten! @_@ It was meant for ate to blow since she didn’t have a cake! And worse? TOWELS MEANT FOR MY FAMILY were USED, littered on the floor with make-up stains, and USED bathrobes hung on the wall for us to STILL USE -as if! The alalay was wearing heavy drag make-up so I immediately knew who used it.

The pangpa-lubag loob tiramisu cake Joshua the FDO gave me because of the fiasco.
This was supposed to be ate’s blowing cake.
I mean, it says friggin’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the cake right there! @_@
Didn’t he take the clue from that? Really? So CRASS! :((
Name the color, it was on the towels! @_@
Nothing was left for my family to use after THEY used OUR shower!
The replacement cake I got for ate, a cheesecake.
STILL! @_@
The other one says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This one doesn’t! @_@

My yaya confirmed that the TWO hairdressers did shower, use the toiletries & towels, sliced & ate the cake along with the complementary fruits (plural) in the fruit basket, took home Lavinia’s baon na chicharon & ensaymada after wolfing down a whole box of pizza, rolled around on the bed & took even MORE pictures! @_@ My yaya wasn’t able to clean the place up before I got there because she was busy assisting ate & my Lavinia. Besides, the 2 hairdressers asked to stay behind after they all went down. Que Horror part 2!

I am generous to a fault but this is DISRESPECT in the highest form! :(( There is this thing called PRIVACY! @_@ Boundaries —do not cross! Never again! :(


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