Tokyo Bubble Tea

Sem-break for ALL my 3 kids. Finally! m/ That warranted a TRIPLE celebration. Hep hep hurrah! 10 days of blissful over-sleeping, dvd marathons, and lazing around with my 3 baby bums! What mother wouldn’t be happy? <3

The weather wasn’t cooperating, though. Signal #1 declared. Really? Just when classes are finally over? You’ve got to be kidding me right?!? @_@

The wind was gushing & the rain was really pouring, so we had to celebrate somewhere nearby. I just got out of a minor car crash last week, I most certainly didn’t want another one any time soon. The heavy rain was making it hard for me to see the road clearly -that’s old age for ya.

Thank goodness for the newly-opened TOKYO BUBBLE TEA at Westgate! m/

1st place: 2k gift certificate
2nd place: 1.5k GC
3rd place: 1k GC

My Lovey bought a tea drink there yesterday & she reported that they also served sushi. You do know our love affair with anything japanese right? ;P So I was happy to try it out for our celebratory lunch today.

Yummy cake selection! <3
Not too expensive too! A whole cake is around 800 php.

My baby has a fondness for milk tea drinks! :)
Royal Milk Tea 125 php
PINK chairs! <3 
Couldn’t resist. Colorful straws! ;))
Aspara Bacon Maki 195 php
Dynamite Maki (eel) 295 php 
California Maki 150 php
Spicy Tuna Maki 195 php 
Vancouver Maki 285 php
Their gyoza.. 125 php
 Not the best in the world.
My babyson’s actual words as he was chomping on one: “This is a disgrace to all gyozas around the world”.
A gyoza critic. Hehe. 
Chicken Donburi 185 php
Tonkatsu 165 php
Yasai Tempura 145 php
This was really good. The batter was light & fluffy.
I don’t know about the ebi version though. Should have ordered one! :(
Coffee Raspberry Cake 115
Steady lang. Something different.
Brewed Coffee 75 php

Our bumming officially starts now!!! YAY! <3

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