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Ladies Day Out at Toccare Spa

Ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo! Hello from Korea! It’s Day 3 at the Land of the Morning Calm and we are so enjoying the sights, chows, and of course, SHOPPING! <3

But before we left for Korea, I had some major pampering sesh at TOCCARE SPA because I know the torture my family will subject me to the 9 days we would be away. Sigurado! So I made sure I would be relaxed & in tip-top condition (aesthetically only please!) at pwedeng makipagsabayan sa beautiful, poreless, and flawless Korean citizens.


Toccare Spa is located at the 4th floor of Antel Spa & Serenity Suites just across SM Hypermart & beside Century City Mall. You can either park at the hotel basement & get your ticket validated at Toccare Spa, or park at the malls across or beside.

PS: Do you know that even Korean men are vain & wear make-up? Oh yes, read about it HERE!

Toccare Spa

4/F Best Western Antel Spa Suites, Antel Lifestyle City, 7829 Makati Avenue, Makati City Phils. (02) 403 0808 & (02) 5551232


Toccare Spa is a private sanctuary which draws inspiration from its Italian meaning, “touch”. It’s all about delighting the 5 senses. The moment you set foot at Toccare Spa, you will immediately notice that it is well-appointed, beautifully-decorated & aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (sight/ophthalmoception). Upon registration, you are asked for your choice of room scent (smell/olfacoception) and background music (hearing/audioception). A soothing massage follows (touch/tactioception), ending with a nourishing snack prepared in partnership with Azzuro Bistro (taste/gustaoception). Toccare Spa‘s therapists and signature massages will surely make your Spa Journey a remarkable experience.


As part of Toccare Spa‘s personalized treatment, guests may select from the following offerings: Massage Oil (you will be asked to choose your preferred oil to be used in the massage treatment). Music Selection (you will also be asked to choose your preferred music from their extensive selection). Themed Room (themed rooms are provided to cater to the different moods of their guests). Aromatherapy room fragrance is also available while you are having your treatment. What’s more, after-treatment beverage selection of iced and hot tea and juices are available Toccare Spa‘s Lounge. Ah, now THIS is the life! <3

Toccare Spa has 7 lovely themed rooms ready & available to suit your mood & needs..


Black Onyx Room (VIP solo). Helps overcome past relationships, banishes grief, and heals skin ailments.


Jade Room (VIP solo). Balance stone of health, wealth & love. Promotes protection & longevity.


Citrine Room (VIP Solo or opens to Couple’s room). Prevents mood swings, promotes success, and clears negative aura.


Rose Quartz Room (couples). Harnesses love, eases heartaches, and strengthens love. <3


Amethyst Room (barkada). Promotes inner peace, removes toxins, and helps rid addiction.


The Rose Quartz & Amethyst Rooms each have a shower & toilet inside for the guests’ convenience. Used after a body scrub & before a massage.


Garnet Room (female common room). Stone of passion, attributes wisdom to difficulties, and past life recall.


Blue Topaz Room (male common room). Treats depression, controls lust, and aids sleep.

Together with my lovely lady friends Rica de Jesus & Karen Young, we met up with owner LEAH DY one afternoon for a day of relaxation, pampering & “major overhaul” ;))


With me are our gracious host, the pretty & statuesque Leah Dy (L), lovely ladies Rica de Jesus (M) & Karen Young (R). <3 All inspiring women who have made strong & reliable brand names for themselves.

While Rica, the queen of hearts, had the QUARTZ PACKAGE 3750 php, 150 minutes (treatment starts with coco creme souffle body rub followed by a rich milk bath & finished with a Toccare Spa signature Rose Quartz massage). And Karen chose the CITRINE PACKAGE 3350 php, 120 minutes (combination of lemongrass-sage body polish followed by Tocarre Spa’s signature crystal massage using the properties of Citrine). I availed of the foot spa with paraffin & foot massage, followed with a mani/ped with Gel nails -the works! <3 I’m super malikot with my hands so I always chips my nails. Gel nails can last me up to 3 weeks, unchipped! Bigyan ng award ang nag-imbento niyan please!


Toccare Spa‘s Foot Spa Lounge with built-in foot soak & rinse. Perfect place for a SPA-rty with your girlfriends! ;)

  • Green Tea Foot Spa 700 php. 60 minutes. A comprehensive foot treatment that uses extracts of green tea to heal cracked heels, treat dry and flaky skin, softens the feet and relaxes tired sore muscles.
  • Foot Massage 700 php. 60 minutes. Treat your tired feet and legs with this tension-relieving massage. A wonderful remedy for sore feet.
  • Harmony-Paraffin. Hands 400 php. Feet 500 php. 20 minutes each. Warm paraffin to create balance treating sore muscles, fatigue, vein problem, excessive sweating, rheumatism and stress.
  • Classic Manicure 280 php & Pedicure 280 php. 45 minutes each. Trim, buff, cut, file and polish for totally sexy nails.


I have never felt more spoiled in my life. I felt completely brand new after my pampering sesh of foot spa 700 php, paraffin treatment (hand 400/feet 500 php), maniped (280 php each) with nail gels (hand 550/feet 650 php).


Because we were going to Korea in a few days, I decided to have fun colors on my right hand & plain coffee brown on my left during my treatment & services.

I also had the eyelash extension. With only one bathroom to share in our BnB, I have very limited kikay time, so not having to curl & coat my lashes will definitely save me mucho time. So yeah, it was a major overhaul for me indeed. And ready for the battle ahead. :P


My eyelash extension (introductory price 650 php), available in length sizes of 9-12. Kikay that I am, I chose 12 which is the longest, teehee.


Yehey, I’m back to having falsies again! <3 I used to regularly have eyelash extensions at intervals of 4-6 weeks but I got busy for a while. And now, I’m back with a vengeance! ;))

Toccare Spa offers the following treatments & services:


From face & skin..


to body.


Before or after your treatment, you may opt to relax & have a cup of tea or coffee at the cozy & posh Lounge.

Avail of Toccare Spa‘s Wellness Spa Package. Only 999 php for a 60-minute classic massage, plus enjoy a Spa Cuisine form Azzuro Bistro. After-massage always makes me soooo hungry! Choose from any of the 4 snacks included in the package:


Penne putanesca with tuna sandwich, Aglio olio pasta with egg sandwich..


Clubhouse sandwich with fries, and Pancit canton with chicken sandwich. All meals come with a complimentary iced tea drink.

When you visit, make sure you try out Toccare Spa‘s wet bar. After all, the word SPA is an acronym for the latin words salus per aqua (healing through water). This is what makes Toccare Spa different from all other ordinary massage parlors claiming to be SPAs but don’t have jacuzzis & saunas.


Jacuzzi is a large bath with a system of underwater jets of water to massage the body. It is not to be mistaken or confused with a hot tub which doesn’t have a whirlpool effect. Toccare Spa has 2 of these. One in the male locker room and another in the female locker room.


Toccare Spa also boasts of a Sauna AND a Steam Room. The difference between a sauna and a steam bath can be summed up simply -dry vs. wet. Saunas provide dry heat, while steam rooms generate moist heat. Both can open up your pores, loosen up your muscles and help you relax. Again, one set is available in the male locker room, and another in the female locker room. Toccare Spa aims to please & pamper. ;)


Both the male & female locker rooms are spacious & invite you to take a refreshing shower in its pebble-lined walls.

Vanity & rejuvenation is not just for the ladies. Ask the Koreans, they will agree with me 100%. So why not book your next treatment at Toccare Spa. Refresh your face, revitalize your skin & werq out those kinks while -reawakening your tired soul.

Father’s Day is coming. I’ll make sure to treat Kap with the decadent Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Massage 3350 php. 120 minutes. ;) He works so hard for us, he deserves a unique treat.


The ultimate experience of combined chocolate trouffle and raspberry that nourishes and nurture the skin as well as heightening the senses. This treatment includes raspberry body polish, chocolate wrap, releasing scalp massage, luxurious chocolate bath, and relaxing body massage. (This photo belongs to Rica de Jesus)

I know for a fact that Kap my Kap will love this treatment. Actually, I’m not sure if this gift is for him, or it’s really meant for me hehe. Pagtapos ng treatment, super yummy lalo ng Honey ko, lol! ;P #lamna


I fell in love with the spunky owner the moment we met. We are such kindred souls (and vain haha!) Thank you so much dearest Leah for an afternoon well spent. I’ll see when when we get back, looking forward to more chika-minute in the future. :-*

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