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Toby’s Estate

My friend Michelle of JAMFOODS & her husband John are doing some consulting work for TOBY’s ESTATE. Toby’s Estate is named after the founder and coffee expert Toby Smith, who has 5 cafes, a barista school in Australia, and his very own coffee plantation in Panama. He is virtually known as the rock star of the coffee industry, and his Toby’s Estate considered as third wave coffee. It features Single Origins from the Honduras, Bedford Espresso Blends, as well as Colombian Decafs for the faint of heart, and was brought to the Philippines by the Rebel Alliance Group.

Chef John & his baristas

Michelle has been inviting me to visit their new baby, so when the fambam finally had a free day in commemoration of the Edsa Revolution, I requested that we specifically hie off to Century City Mall so I can finally have a go at her latest pride & joy. I loved that the coffee shop is right beside the movie theater. Perfect steaming hot coffee as we watched a thrilling movie in the super cold cinema!


Manly coffee shop. All steel & stone..

Manned by, well, manly men! ;)

I admit. I’m a coffee addict. And I yawn all the time! ;)

Raoul, the general manager who whipped up some coffee goodness for us.

My Cafe Latte 140 php. I would have preferred plain black coffee, but I really wanted the coffee art, so I asked for the one with milk.

Cafe Mocha 160 php. I found it a tad too sweet for my taste.

Bucky’s Original 70 php

Bucky’s Chunky Blonde 80 php


Do head on over to Toby’s Estate when you find yourselves in Century City Mall. :)


Oh di ba? Pwede rin ako mag-straight english! Akala nyo ha! :P

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