Toast Box

I’m such a sucker for Filipino films. Even though they always make me cringe from kabakyaan & kabaduyan, I still can’t let an interesting movie pass -to the dismay of my kids! :P

After watching the trailer of “Of All The Things” while my Lavinia & I were waiting for the showing of “The Mistress“, my baby sighed when I said: OMG We seriously have GOT TO watch that! Hahaha! ;))

My babyson marks the line on an Aga Muhlach movie. No bribe or tears can make him watch it with me. Medyo nakalusot pa ako with The Mistress haha. But no way was he going to watch a rom-com Filipino movie with me. SWAG downgrade na daw to the max!

So I happily went on a date with my Lavinia the yesterday. The only one now whom I can drag to watch baduy movies with me. (I wonder until when!)

She deserved a treat after sitting through my “awwwwws” and “ahhhhhhs” and tears -with matching nudges, snickers, and side-comments! :))

We have mostly tried all the restaurants in ATC. The one we haven’t tried yet was Toast Box. Toast Box is a Singaporean coffee shop that offers traditional Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread with their signature spreads. It also serves other singaporean favorites such a Laksa & Nasi Goreng. TB was brought in to the country by the same people from Bread Talk.

With my constant companion <3
Limited Menu.
Really just meant for snacks. 
Cozy nook, nothing fancy.
New Wing of ATC.
My Nonya Laksa 215 php
With Mee Tai Bak & tofu puffs, fish cakes and shrimps in flavourful coconut-based curry.
Frankly, I felt queasy after I ate this. It was just too oily.
And the noodles were like the ones used for palabok.
Their signature is the creamy and crunchy Peanut Butter Thick Toast.
However, there are other toppings which include Butter Milk, Floss, Tom Yum Garlic, Otah and Hebi Hiam.
The one I tried was the chocolate.
Choco Toast Set with Kopi 145 php
Hainanese Chicken Rice 239 php
My Lovey rated it “A”. m/

I love half days! <3 Thank you Lovey for always giving in to mommy’s quirkiness. Love you, mwah! :-*

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