To Be or Not to Be

Now that my mom’s birthday is done, I only need to plan for 2 more birthdays (Hunny bunny’s & Lovey’s).. then, it’s HALLOWEEN!!! m/

This needs early preparation as we have to get fitted for costumes!!! Yes, I take donning costumes seriously!!! You guessed it. I LOVE dressing up!!! <3 And in my family, they have all come to accept that I AM THE STAR!!! ;)) The costume revolves around me hehe.. they are merely my support group! :P

Last year, this was our family costume.. In case you can’t see it (!!!) we were the SHREK family!!! :P I was Fiona, hubby was (thin) SHREK, the kids were: the blue fairy (ate), pinocchio (my babyson), and 1 of the 3 little piggies (lavinia).

The SHREK family <3
We take halloween SERIOUSLY!!! ;))
Went around the village asking for treats! <3
It was soooooo hot in my costume…
This time, I’m thinking of a costume that won’t make me MELT!!! @_@
My game na game kids.. happy with their loot! <3
Party at the Lhuilliers.
With Jean Henri as a pirate…
and Bea as a wench! :)

I really MELTED last year!!! It was soooo HOT & wearing my heavy costume was literally a DRAG!!! :(( So this year, I’m thinking between a choice of..

A pack of cards. Naturally, I AM THE QUEEN.. the rest are my minions hehehe!!! ;P

I will have puffed sleeves!!!
I wouldn’t dare go sleeveless, even though it’s FRIGHT NIGHT!!! :P
I am sooooo in love with this!!!
Bagay na bagay to my costume!!! <3 <3 <3
Don’t you think? ;))

My minions can just wear shirts, para LITAW ako, mwahaha!!! :P

My pack of cards! ;))

As Snow White.. guess who will be the dwarfs hahaha!!! ;P

If I can get my hunny to wear this,
it would certainly make my day hehe! ;))

I’m thinking I’ll just patahi long shirts which they can wear over jeans.
Plus a cap! :)
This is Doc’s color. Ate said she wants to be DOC.
Maroon shirt/beige hat.
Or orange shirt with a brown vest/yellow hat.
My babyson wants to be GRUMPY..
Red shirt/brown hat.
And lavinia wants to be DOPEY, hahaha! ;))
Apple Green shirt/purple hat.

Cast your votes, kids!!! To be or not to be??? That is the question!! We will go to the mananahi na tomorrow!!! I’m so excited!!! <3

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