TJ (Tijuana Mexican Grill)

I must admit, I went a bit overboard with the zebra theme in ate’s room hahaha! ;P I went zebra-crazy in coordinating. (please don’t hate me, Trisha! In my defense, I might  have been zebra-possessed when I went on that shopping spree!) Before I knew it, her room was zebra-fied! :)) From her wall, to the accent rug, to the accent chair, to the accent stools hehehe. Poor ate! She didn’t know what hit her.

Her zebra wall. Coz she wanted all-black.. which I found too gothic!
so we compromised.. little did she know!!! ;))

Okay, so the only zebra prints left are the bed spreads & the chair.
Please please don’t make me get rid of those too!!! @_@

So, to remedy that (she has been suffering in silence long enough -poor baby!), I discarded her zebra rug & moved it downstairs.. duh, sayang noh! :P Also her zebra box chairs (which may go to the garage sale AGAIN this weekend — we’ll see if boss allows!) Or we might just have them re-upholstered –I like how they can be used as a keepsake boxes. Yes, it opens up to a storage system. O di ba sayang??? But definitely not in prints anymore hehe. Maybe a solid black, or a pattern with the same color as the couches, Trisha??? (please do suggest!) <3

Bye bye carpet & chairs.. Hope you like your new home! :P

And we bought new CLEAR chairs so she can study/paint better, & a plain black accent rug (wanted white sana coz her room is already so dark, but couldn’t find any)…

clear polycarbonate chairs from dimensione 8k each.
Ate wanted the ones with armrest but they cost almost 20k each.. hello??? @_@
yes, much better.. hahaha! :P

After furniture shopping, I wanted to satisfy my deep craving for a burrito because I saw this yummy episode from Throwdown with Bobby Flay (Papalote Mexican Grill, Sanfo CA) that got me salivating!!!! I simply couldn’t get it out of my mind!!! (Rica, you’ll hate me after seeing this, haha!) @_@

Oooozing with prawns, chicken & steak.. dripping with salsa & their secret ingredient sauce!!!
OOooooooohhhhhhh!!!! <3 <3 <3

And look how BIG it isssss!!!! I want I want!!!! <3 <3 <3

So, since Tia Maria closed shop (boohoo!), I dragged my lovely brood to TJ’s (Tijuana Mexican Grill). I’m warning you though, after seeing THAT triple threat burrito, you will never look at another burrito the same way again! (sorry for the blurry pics. I left my camera at home, so we had to use ate’s iphone cam.. so not good!)

Mexican ambience.. except for the music haha!
Nachos 175 php (+50 beef, + 35 guacamole)
Basket of Fries 160 php (+ bacon & cheese 70 php)
Buffalo shrimp 295 php
Cheese Quesadilla 180 php
Ate’s Grilled chicken burrito 195 php
Macho beef burrito 400 php
I wasn’t happy with my burrito. Too much rice, too little filling! :( Dry!
Babyson’s Shrimp Kebab 415 php
Lovey’s Chicken Kebab 325 php
My 3 hearts <3 <3 <3
Bad quality photo, sayang! :P

Yes, I know the amount of food we consumed is not normal haha. What can I say? My brood LOVES to eat! We are such bottomless pits! My rating for this mexican restaurant? Go to Friday’s instead! ;)

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