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Tipple & Slaw

Tipple & Slaw at The Forum is not new to the yuppies & the hip with its INDIECENT WEDNESDAYS, MEET UP THURSDAYS, & R1OT FRIDAYS. Its nightlife is notorious for giving out mean parties left & right and is actually one of Manila’s current nightlife hotspots. A huge open bar occupies half the resto space for crying out loud.




But in the mornings, you wouldn’t think Tipple & Slaw just had a blast the night before with its restrained mood, tone, and feel. (#AkalaMoMaginooYunPalaMedyoBastos) The owners actually want to elevate Tipple & Slaw to lunch/dinnertime beer & cocktail pairings with their slew of thick, fat, juicy sandwiches. Their target is to have at least 25 on their menu as a matter of fact. For now it’s at 12 (the very least -and if I calculated correctly) & counting.


Tipple means to drink. And Slaw is.. to eat I guess. 2 of my favorite activities! At the helm of Tipple & Slaw is the youthful & energetic Chef Francis Lim (of Nav Modern Thai Cuisine & Melting Pot fame).


Thank you Richard for always taking us along your many yummy adventures! <3 You are one of the reasons why my triple chin came back. But hey, I’m not complaining! Take me pa to more haha. :P

Tipple & Slaw

The Forum, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 500-0882


Tipple & Slaw is on the second floor of the Forum Building where McDo, Sarsa, Yoree, and O’Rice are also located.



The summer heat shines bright & proud outside the uncovered bay windows so I was grateful for these refreshing drinks to cool us off.



My Orange Iced Tea 95 php (their personal take on the 80’s favorite Orange Julius) which I am sharing with this thirsty camel. I know how you’re feeling, poor guy!



And Kap’s Strawberry Iced Tea 95 php.



Umami Fries 250 php. French fries, white truffle oil, black truffle paste, katsuobushi, roasted sesame, nori, Japanese mayo.



New on the menu: Duck Sliders.



Nakakaiyak sa sarap! <3



Porchetta Sandwich 350 php.



GRAAABE! Look at that baby! <3 LUST. No sharing please! Have you watched “CHEF”? This sandwich is what dreams are made of!

Tipple & Slaw’s 12 Sandwiches (plus 3 burgers, 5 wraps) and counting:

– Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Seasoned skin-on chicken, grilled vegetable slaw, lime mayo, ciabatta 280.00

– B.B.L T. Sandwich. Smoked bacon, blue cheese lettuce slaw, sliced tomato 330.00

– Italian Beef Sandwich. Roast beef, grilled peppers, Giardiniera, spicy mustard, beef drippings 350.00

– Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich. 4 cheese, trufflle, honey, tomato soup 300.00

– Porchetta Sandwich. Stuffed and roasted pork belly, pickled red onions, arugula, balsamic syrup, ciabatta 350.00

– Pastrami Sandwich. 10-hour smoked beef belly, spicy mustard, creamy horseradish, pickles, slaw 350.00

– Shrimp Sandwich. Poached shrimps, lemon shrimp mayo, watercress, alfalfa300.00

– Coney Island Hotdog Sandwich. Grilled hotdogs, chopped onions, chili, grated cheese 300.00

– Braised Short Ribs Sandwich. Slow-cooked beef short ribs, creamy cheese, pickled red onions 300.00

– Po’ Boy. Fried oysters and shrimps, pear mustard slaw, sprouts, crusty loaf 300.00

– Reuben Sandwich. Corned beef, pickled cabbage, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, rye bread 330.00

– Lobster Roll. Fresh lobster, sour cream and onion, lemon butter, lobster aioli450.00

Yep, I counted correct. ;) One down. Homaygas 11 to go! Iisa-isahin ko talaga yan!

Apart from them killer sammies, Tipple & Slaw also has a host of other food sure to excite you..


New on the menu: Mac & Cheese, and more!





Chicken Nuggets 250 php. Crispy chicken, BBQ sauce, honey mustard. Definitely not your ordinary nuggets. This is PRIME chicken nuggets with all chicken and none of the extenders.



Coming out soon: Fried chicken, cream cheese gravy, caviar, chicken oil.



New: Tipple & Slaw chicharon topped dirty rice!



and this lamb dish. So happy I got to try all of Tipple & Slaw’s “coming out soon” dishes! <3 What a privilege!



Smores Ice Cream Sandwich 180 php. Graham crackers, biscuit spread, vanilla ice cream, chocolate shell.



What’s inside all that beautiful goo! <3 This photo belongs to LOOLOO.

Tipple & Slaw. Where everything is #SERIOUS BITING and #SERIOUS DRINKING !

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