Tina Tagle. Up Close & Personal

Met THE Tina Tagle today. A wish come true! <3

This photo belongs to Ms. Tina Tagle
Grabbed from her FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Ever since a mommy friend told me about her blog more than 2 years ago, I’ve been hooked.. line & sinker! I know her ENTIRE life story. I felt every bit of her pain & anguish with her old life, as well as her joy & excitement with her thriving new business & independence now. She’s my super hero! I’ve pictured her so many times with her kids, her dogs, her staff in my mind that seeing her face to face was like an apparition. So this is how it feels to be a fan. :)

Put me in a crowded room filled with artistas, you won’t see me clamoring for their attention or asking for photo ops. Well maybe except for my boyfriend Gabby Conception! ;) But my few, select FAVORITE bloggers? My oh my, my heart skips a mile a minute, it’s plain crazy!

I love classy Jin (loves to Eat) and no-nonsense ChuvanessBut Tina Tagle? She’s like my ultimate inspiration & muse. The one who got me started writing. I love how raw her materials are. She writes from the heart. She writes, not because she has to, but because she WANTS to. Writing her thoughts is like a breath of fresh air for her. Her blog is like an open diary of sorts. And she gives her readers an unobstructed view of her life. No cuts, uncensored.

As I was reading her latest post, I learned she was going to be at Mckinley Hill today, to help her daughter Claudia sell cookies at the Bazaar for the Youth in Venice Piazza in Mckinley hill from 10 am to 11pm today & tomorrow. I didn’t think twice & grabbed the opportunity of meeting her face to face. Level up na ako from stalking her in facebook & instagram. I decided.. IT WAS TIME WE MET! ;)

Ms. T’s latest post that got me running! ;)
Yes. That teeny tiny tented area is where the bazaar’s at.
I really thought it would be bigger.
But I came for Ms. T, so mission accomplished! m/ 

I was so excited on the car ride getting to Makati. She said she was going to be there the whole day, but I was antsy. What if she left early? What if she decided not to go after all? Finally getting there & seeing her daughter’s stall empty save for her new assistant, I felt like crying (dramatic, I know. But you’ve got to be a fan to know the feeling! :P) However, I huffed out my chest & resolved to get her whereabouts from her assistant by hook or by crook. I was meeting her today. Period.

Lo & behold, as I was paying for our 20-peso (each) entrance fee, I saw MY Tina Tagle chatting with her co-vendors. OMG, I kid you not, I left my girls to take care of the tickets & headed straight to my idol without a look back. :)

You still have until TOMORROW to visit the bazaar & meet Ms. T!!!

She looked scandalized as I tugged on her elbow to say I was a fan & asked if I can have a picture taken with her. She was soooo nice & accommodating even though she probably thought I was a crazed stalker. I feared she would be aloof & snobbish because hello.. she is THE Tina Tagle. But she’s really such a lovely person. Of course I had to buy Claudia’s cookies na even though one look & it could probably kill me from diabetic shock lels (just me though, coz I have high blood sugar. But you go on ahead and BUY! BUY! BUY!!) ;)

I have died & gone to blogger’s heaven! ;))
Ms. T uploaded our picture together on her facebook account!!
**Dancing around with joy!

She tended to us herself & I was just looking (gaping with mouth wide open) at her the whole time. Again, you need to be a fan to know the feeling! :P

Domesticated goddess! <3
Salted Caramel Cookie. Really oozing with caramel!! <3 <3 <3
Salted Caramel Cookie
From left: Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Macadamia, Chocolate Chip.
She allowed me to take my fill of pictures before I finally bade her farewell with cookies in hand. I was so excited that I forgot to pay her! SHAME, I tell you. So much shame that I asked ate & my Lovey to go back without me to settle my bill haha. She probably thought I was a moocher & a free loader! ;))
As we were munching Claudia’s yummy cookies in the car (and me silently mapping out in my head the nearest hospital in case the girls needed to rush me in for some emergency insulin shots! ;P) I was deliberating if I should ask our driver to go back so I can help Ms. T sell her cookies & maybe go home with her & stay there forever hehe. But alas, I had to head back home to accompany my Kap to a doctor’s appointment. Boo! :((

Ms. T, thank you soooo much for being so nice to me. And being so patient while I gushed & made such a fool of myself harhar. Like I told you over & over again, I super kaduper LOVE you. And I hope I’ll see you again someday & have a longer chat with you & you will tell me all about GB & her crocodile tears! ;))

MY Tina Tagle. Up close & personal! <3

For Claudia’s cookies, you may order them at:


Or go to https://www.facebook.com/claudiascookiesph. All photos below belong to Claudia’s Cookies! ;)
Peanut Butter Cookie 350 php/dozen
Made with a lot of peanut butter that will definitely satisfy your craving.
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 330 php/dozen
Choc-ful of Oats & Raisins!
Chocolate Chip Cookies 400 php/dozen
Fully loaded with chocolates & has a crispy exterior while the insides remain chewy.
White Chocolate Macadamia Chunk Cookie 400 php/dozen
Loaded with chunks of Macadamia & White Chocolate.
Peppermint Chocolate Cookie 480 php/dozen (christmas order)
Cookie with a strong mint flavor loaded with chocolate chips! 
Snickerdoodles 250 php/dozen (Christmas order)
Soft-as-Pillow cookies with a hint of cinnamon. 
(more) Chocolate Chip Cookies 400 php/dozen
Moist, chewy, chocolate-filled cookie. 
M&M Cookie 370 php/dozen
Cookie full of M&Ms perfect for the chocolate lover.
Drool people.. DROOL! ;)
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