Tina Tagle, my blog inspiration.. My MUSE!

I’ve been wanting to write a diary for quite some time now to document what’s happening in our lives, to give to the children later on so they have happy memories of their childhood.. and ME, mostly, hahaha! ;)) But I was just too lazy to write! :P So I used facebook instead to “showcase” all our pictures. FB however, is limited. You can only write so much in the captions.

Last year, a mommy friend told me about Tina Tagle. She told me I’d like her for sure because we more or less like the same things: family & bags! hahaha! :P

Tina Tagle, my queen! ;))
She started her blog in 2000 & has written entries that are very personal,
much to the delight of her captive audience.

So, off I went in search of Tina Tagle’s blog. AND I GOT HOOKED! Just like everybody else who followed her like a cult! @_@ And she got me started writing! ;P

Tina Tagle is a full time mom who loves dressing up in beautiful, colorful and expensive (read: branded) clothes. She also has a vast collection of Louis Vuittons, Hermes Birkins, Chanel bags and a whole lot of other designer bags and shoes which she “showcases” on her blog without fear of being judged as mayabang. Well, she kinda “shows off” but in a cute, non-irritating way. Why? Because along with the parade of her designer items, she also talks about her family, mostly her three children: Vinny, Vito and Claudia.. in her self-confessed not-so-correct grammar which takes the edge off her pagka-elitista. And she does this with wit and humor that can only come with age or wisdom of someone who has been through life’s ups and downs. Her blog is a very amusing read. Others might go through her blog to see her clothes, shoes and bags but I’m more interested in her stories and unforgettable anecdotes.. the rest is just bonus! :)

As of this writing, her blog is now private. Thanks to chuvaness who introduced her to the world! :( Which is really terrible news because her followers increased when she was featured in the newspaper. Due to her blog’s popularity, her family members requested her to make her it private because most of her stories are not for public consumption. But I really can’t blame Chuvaness because like me, she was also smitten by this lady. (although I’m pretty sure she’s one of those people who can still read Tina’s blog.. and I’m not.. well, that’s just too bad huhu!)

I miss Tina. :'( Which is weird because I don’t even know her! I miss reading her funny blogs, I miss her children, even her labandera’s son! @_@ I want to thank her for getting me started on my writing. I’m enjoying it so much & have found blogging so therapeutic. Most of my day belong to my family, but the few stolen moments of writing is for ME. So thank you, Tina. I hope to meet you soon, & charm you into adding me to your invited viewers, hahaha! :P And most of all, thank you Ivy, for leading me to Tina! :-*

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