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Tim Ho Wan, Philippines

I’ve been wanting to see what the hoopla was all about with TIM HO WAN. Why people would queue for hours on end just for the taste of the much coveted golden buns. But I didn’t want to line up & wait. I’m a lazy, lazy girl. There’s a no reservation, first-come-first-served policy. However, an opportunity arose, so I dragged the kids & family friends -the Buensalidas to SM Megamall.


Tim Ho Wan SM Megamall

UG/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave corner EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
The Tim Ho Wan Manila franchise is brought to you by the same people who brought in Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura, Ricky Dee & family. They also own Mesa Filipino Moderne.

I braced myself for a long wait, but was pleasantly surprised when after 45 minutes of musical chairs, we got a table!


I ordered a bunch of things for the kids to try. I wanted to get it over with because there was NO WAY we were going for a repeat. Megamall is just tooooo far from home & the traffic horrendous. Golden buns or not.


Note that it says on the place mat above: HONG KONG’S MOST FAMOUS MICHELIN STAR DIMSUM. Richard educated us on the meaning. It seems that only 2 Tim Ho Wan stores got the Michelin Stars and NOT ALL. So it doesn’t mean that the entire chain has a Michellin Star. Boo!

 What is a MICHELIN STAR review? CLICK HERE to find out.



Prawn Dumpling 160 php/4 pcs. Tasty, crunchy prawns with a thin translucent skin. YUM! <3


Pork Dumpling 150 php/4 pcs.. Also crunchy, also love! <3


Shrimp Vermicelli Roll 190 php/ 3 pcs.


Wasabi Prawn Salad 140 php/3 pcs.


The star of Tim Ho Wan, the golden Pork Buns with sweet adobo fillings. 145 php/3 pcs. It has every right to be the star after all. And considering the price, such a steal! \m/


Crispy on the outside -soft, hot & gooey on the inside. This has the potential of being an addicting snack!


I heard that there was a one-person-one-porkbun policy, but our server didn’t mention anything. And I forgot to ask. So I can’t confirm nor deny.

Aside from drinking a pot of Jasmine (60 php) or Oolong (60 php) tea to wash down all the yummy treats, you may also choose hot or cold barley water (50 php), iced tea (50 php) or soda (50 php) for drinks.





Pork Ribs Rice 170 php. There was a whole chili in the ricebowl which my babyson bit into. T’was literally “burn baby, burn” for him! :P So do watch out for that.


Rice with Chicken Sausage 170 php.


Osmanthus Cake (sweet jelly like substance) 90 php/3 pcs.


Mango Pomelo 90 php/bowl.


Richard, Irene & Lauren who lived close by came to join us & we were one big happy family munching on them golden buns! :P


Finally, another restaurant off my bucket list & I can stop wondering what’s with the golden buns hullabaloo! :P Although good -and the price very reasonable, I wouldn’t want to make a 2-hour trip. Thankfully it’s something I can live without. Been there, done that. That’s enough for me. ;)

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