Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu

My Romeo of a babyson went on a date with the love of his life a couple of days after christmas. After seeing the lights & sounds show at the Ayala Triangle with us, he got inspired by all the lovebirds out there that night to take his girlfriend to the romantic spot as well. :P

What happened to your hair anak? Nasobrahan ka naman yata ng gel? Bakit ka naging chinese version ni James Dean? ;))

He may be all of 16 years, but Ayala Triangle is Ayala Triangle. It’s a crowded place full of people from all walks of life where opportunity+need lies aplenty. He’s led such a sheltered life that I didn’t feel comfy letting him go off on his own at night. Mahirap na.

So the tres marias (eh di sino pa, KAMI! :P) stayed in nearby Greenbelt while Romeo was at work with his cheesiness. After watching Vice Ganda’s movie at Glorietta (which I vow NEVER to return to again. Grabe ang pila at siksikan ha!), we settled for a quiet dinner at Thousand Cranes. Sobrang iba ang aura ng Greenbelt sa Glorietta grabe. As in! @_@ The population is more than half the size! Tulakan pa! I think I’m so used to the laidback & chillax life in the south that the bustling makati is just too much for me.

Ate craved for shabu-shabu that night. She wanted to cook! So syempre pagbigyan ang prinsesa ko. <3

This came with our set meals.

And because we really didn’t know what we were doing even though it was our 3rd time to shabu-shabu, our server helped us out. Natakot baka magka-sunog sa Thousand Cranes because of us haha! :P

Ate’s Beef Tenderloin set 545 php

This was my Lovey’s “fierce” look daw! :P

and my Assorted Meat Set 540 php

My Lovey wasn’t in the mood to cook, so she got the ready to eat Yakiniku Don 265 php

and Dynamite Maki 245 php

It’s a good thing ate’s driver was available to take us around during the holiday season. Kaloka ang traffic & parking.

And my babyson is not content taking his ladybug on dates in our part of town anymore. Oh no. He wants to venture out from our cocoon & explore. Nagbibinata na talaga. GAAHHH!!! Where next?

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